Friday, March 19

Preview: Amusing Hobby's new 1/35th scale T-72M2 "Moderna" Slovak MBT.

The custom made MBT for the Slovak army, the T-72M2 "Moderna" literally means modern in Slovak. This upgraded T-72 did not see production orders, and looks to sell more in plastic than it did in real life - but that doesn't stop modern armour lovers from taking an  interest. We look at the real thing and the built up kit in our preview...

Amusing Hobby's 1/35th scale T-72M2 Slovak MBT.

T-72M2 Slovak MBT.
From Amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Kit No #35A039
New Tooled Kit 
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The T-72M2 "Moderna" is a Slovakian upgrade of the Soviet T-72 main battle tank. The T-72M was license-produced in the former Czechoslovakia. It entered service with Czechoslovakian army in 1981. In the early 1990s after the dissolution of the Czechoslovakia, various upgrade programs were developed both in Czech Republic and Slovakia to keep their fleets of T-72 MBTs operational and combat capable. First prototype of the T-72M2 Moderna was revealed in 1993. Development of this tank is completed. For a number of years this upgrade was actively proposed for Slovak Army as well as export customers. However it received no production orders. Slovakia never ordered this tank due to funding problems. Only few prototypes were built for trials and evaluation.
The T-72M2 Moderna has improved protection. The tank is fitted with DYNAS explosive reactive armour. The second prototype is fitted with a cage armour that provides protection against RPG rounds. The tank has a laser warning receiver. It notifies when the tank is illuminated by a laser beam and identifies direction of the threat. Then smoke grenades can be discharged to hide the tank. The tank is fitted with new automatic fire suppression system.
The tank is fitted with a modernized 2A45MS 125 mm smoothbore gun. The gun is fitted with an autoloader. There is also a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The first prototype of this tank was fitted with two Swiss 20 mm cannons, mounted on either side of the turret. These could engage air and ground targets. The second prototype was fitted with a single 30 mm cannon, from the Soviet BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

The T-72M2 Tank 20mm chain gun
The tank has got new VEGA fire control system, new ballistic computer and new sensors of Belgian and French origin. Vehicle commander uses panoramic sight. The same sight is used on the French Leclerc, and some other modern MBTs. This tank has got a hunter-killer engagement capability. Once commander spots and identifies the target, he lays the gun and lets the gunner complete all the aiming and firing process. During that time commander looks for the next target.

   This main battle tank has a crew of three, including commander, gunner and driver.
The tank is fitted with a more powerful S12U turbocharged diesel engine, developing 850 hp. It is a Polish modernized version of the Soviet V-46-6 tank engine. It was used on the Polish PT-91 Twardy main battle tank. Even though upgraded tank is heavier it has improved cross-country mobility over the original T-72M.

This new kit from Amusing Hobby:
This new kit features the updated armour, commander and hull extra vision ports and modernised 2A45MS 125 mm smoothbore gun. The schemes would have to be limited, due to the nature of it being only made in small numbers, but lovers of the T-72 will like this rare variant being made in 35th scale plastic - not to mention all of those Slovaks out there also!
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