Friday, April 23

Preview: Miniart's T-44 adds a new engine & transmission to their "interior" kit - now that's a FULL interior!

MiniArt's newest boxing of the T-44 with full interior is coming next month. This kit not only has the full interior but also the full engine and gearbox included to make a truly full interior, and 8 different schemes to choose from. We look at the art, the CADs, features and colour choices in our preview...

T-44 Full Interior Kit
From Miniart
Kit No #35356
Plast, clear & Photo-etch parts included
Decal markings for eight options included.
The subject: The Soviet T-44 Medium tank:
T-44 was created in 1943-1944. Though the T-44 did not see combat in World War II, it was issued to tank brigades for training purposes. It was never shown publicly during military parades and pictures were never shown publicly until the secrecy was dropped. T-44 was being developed in order to create a tank that would have better combat and technical characteristics than the T-34.
The original intention was to retain the high mobility and speed of a T-34 and to provide the T-44 with heavier armour protection against large-calibre tank guns. This was accomplished by adding thicker armour but reducing the internal volume of the hull. Although the T-44 used many components of the T-34, it had a new hull, and a modified model diesel engine, suspension and transmission. 
T-44’s hull had a simplified construction without fenders. The hull of the T-34-85 had T-shape cross-section while T-44’s hull had a rectangular shape. The height of the t-44’s hull was reduced to 300 mm.

The new V-44 12-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, developing 500 hp, was a more powerful version of the T-34's model V-2 with a new planetary manual 5-speed transmission system, filtration system, improved cooling system, horizontally placed water and oil pumps and an improved fuel system which increased its power output. It was the first tank design to feature transverse engine placement, which made it smaller than a standard T-34 and gave the crew more space.
The hull upper front armour (glacis plate 60°) thickness was doubled to 90 mm. Even though it was more heavily armoured, the weight of the T-44 was the same. The tank's crew did not include a radio operator/machine gunner. This space was used for ammunition stowage area, transferred from the floor of the fighting compartment. As a result were improved working conditions.
The bow machine gun and driver's hatch switched positions on the glacis plate.

One of the machine guns was mounted to fire through a tiny hole in the center of the glacis plate. Because the tank's crew did not include a radio operator/machine gunner, the driver operated this light machine gun.The T-44 had a compact torsion-bar suspension instead of the T-34's Christie coil springs.

This kit of the T-44 in 35th scale features:
Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds
Full interior of this kit is included
Rear engine hatch can be posed open or closed
Full V-44 engine & transmission included in this kit.
The new parts for the engine and gearbox are included
Full interior of the turret including ammunition loadout is included
The shape of the tank overall showing photo-etch that enhances the thinnest parts of the tank's structure...
Individual workable tracks
Workable torsion bars
Total parts 768 / 659 plastic parts
Photo-etched parts included
Clear plastic parts included
Full-colour instructions are also included
Decal sheet for eight variants included in the box: