Sunday, May 16

Four new releases from Mantis Miniatures in May for your 35th scale dios...

Mantis Miniatures has four new products to suit 1/35th scenes and dioramas. You have single & dual figures of a mid-century Monk and Police man, some ravenous carrion & some camo nets to suit your dioramas. We look at them all in our preview...

Four new releases from Mantis Miniatures in May...

French Policeman, WW2 
Kit No #35143
1/35th Scale 
Sculpted by JM.Danel
Painted by A.Miniszewski
One figure in resin
price 16 €
This French policeman from the mid 20th century would fit any Second World War diorama in 1/35th scale. MAde from light grey resin, the sculptor used the photograph below to use as reference for the sculpt. the uniform, Kepi and policeman's baton and pistol in holster in this photo is good reference with the sculpt.
Pictured below are the policeman's baton and the flat brimmed "Kepi" that is synonymous with the French police and military. The kepi is a light military cap with a peak of leather or cloth and a chinstrap of leather or cord. The kepi originated during Algerian war in the nineteenth century but was then was named a casquette or bonnet de la police à visière. The casquette (képi) was modelled on, and developed from, a fifteenth-century bonnet with a peak and the cap called a montera or boukinkan worn during the reign of Louis XIII (1601–43). In the nineteenth century, the peaked cap became pervasive as military headgear in many different forms. In the twentieth century, it has assumed many forms and uses beyond the military in a wide range of sports, professional and other civil uniforms.
You can see from the side here the body language of the French policeman, the arms behind the back as he walks forward or even just leans forward very imperceivably. 

The baton and the police restraint device, commonly called a twister, nipper or come a long that sit on his belt - pretty hard core!
The blue uniform pinched under the policeman's leather chest strap and belt that his truncheon, the wire "come along" and his pistol hang off.
The hands of the policeman behind his back, clasped together giving him a laid back (but potentially dangerous given his armoury) feel.

Kit No #35142
1/35th Scale 
Sculpted by JM.Danel
Painted by A.Miniszewski
One figure in resin
price 16 €
This figures is what could be generally  seen as a catholic or Dominican monk, it is the modeller's choice - the robes of these holy men did not really change throughout the centuries. We have many photos below that the sculptor used to create this figure in 1/35th scale,

Below is Francisco Coll Guitart (Francesc Coll i Guitart in Catalan), 18 May 1812 – 2 April 1875)  who was a Spanish Roman Catholic priest of the Order of Preachers (Dominican Order) and founded the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.
Below is Jan Chrzciciel Franciszek Czartoryski. A Polish noble and priest of the Dominican Order. Jan was activist of the young organisation "Odrodzenie" (Rebirth) in Lwów. During the Warsaw Uprising chaplain of the Armia Krajowa Group "Konrad", killed by German troops. Beatified on June 13, 1998 by Pope John Paul II among the 108 Martyrs of World War Two. Cousin through birth father's maternal lineage.
You can see here how the robes of these two monks are replicated in this sculpt of resin that you get here. The man's hands under his robes, the cross on his chest. the bld head and long beard of the holy man are another trademark of the monks you would have seen all around Europe in WWII.
You can see from the side the depth the sculptor has given this figure in his robes. the hands under the robes and the pleats in the clothing and wrinkles in the elbows are well sculpted.
We were especially impressed by the wrinkled cloth on his hood and robes - very nicely and realistically sculpted.

Monk & French Policeman, WW2
Kit No #35144
1/35th Scale 
Set of two figures
Sculpted by JM.Danel
Painted by A.Miniszewski
price 30€
Boh of the Monk and the policeman from the early-mid 20th century fit together as town authoritarian figures and could be good to populate a diorama of that era. Sold together the modeller saves 2 euros on the cover price...

Green & Brown Camouflage Mesh
Kit No #CAM06 
1/35th scale
Price 12€
Two sheets of 30 x 20 cm 
This set includes a green and a brown net, both made of soft material  and colored strips of a special material of 30 x 20 cm in dimension. These are suitable for any WW2 & modern vehicles in 1/35 scale. 

A quick guide of how to use these nets and to shape them easily...
Two examples below of the green then the brown net on 1/35th scale kits. These can be used on pretty much anything you can think of in this scale...
These are available now from Mantis Miniatures, they will be from their Distributors Worldwide...