Thursday, May 6

Preview: Italeri's five May releases in art, sprues & colours

Italeri has given us news of their five releases of May - A colourful Italian trainer, A large turbo-charged Iveco, A blue volvo that can be any colour you want, A valiant Crusader & a bit of light chaffing?. We have art, decals, colour choices and sprue pictures of all five in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's five May releases in art, sprues & colours

IVECO Turbostar 190.48 Special
1/24th Scale 
Kit No #3926 
Model Dim.: 23,8 cm
New Parts - Super Decals Sheet For 2 Versions - Color Instructions Sheet
The Iveco Turbostar was an important commercial success for Italian manufacturer. Thanks to its characteristics of strength, reliability and performance, it achieved a significant position on the European truck market and it was the most widespread industrial vehicle in Italy in the late 80s.It was declined in numerous versions and adopted several outfitting to satisfy the specific transportation needs of the users. The version with the canvas deck was one of the most common version able to guarantee a great flexibility of transport of all types of goods. 

Colours/markings & number plates from several countries included in this kit...
Another great advantage of the Iveco 190.42 was the loading capacity compared to the overall dimension. The payload / size ratio provided by 190.42 was an important factor to perform transportation duties outside of the motorways and even in the smaller urban area. Often an hydraulic rear platform to make easier the loading and unloading activities was added to the canvas version. The Turbostar enjoyed considerable commercial success thanks to the two-axle "road tractor" version, a feature which became a reference point for road transport in the 1980s. 

The parts inside the box
Vinyl tyres are included here in this kit
The wide range of engines available also ensured that the vehicle performed it’s industry tasks exceptionally well over all distances. Among the many versions produced, the famous 190.48 was equipped with a powerful 480 HP engine which delivered impressive performance levels.

Some photos of the completed model in close up...

M24 Chaffee Korean War
Kit No #6587
1/35th Scale 
Model Dim.: 15,8 cm
Metal Gun Barrel - Gluable Rubber  Or Link-and-length Tracks - Decals For 6 Versions - Colour Instructions Sheet
The M24 Chaffee was deployed to US Army armoured battalions from 1944 onwards to provide a light battlefield tank that could effectively replace the older M3 / M5 Stuart. The configuration of the M-24 was superior to its predecessor in so many ways that it can be considered one of the foremost light tanks that were ever produced. 

Colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
Agile, robust and reliable, it had as its main armament a 75mm M6 cannon with 48 rounds available, a very powerful version indeed of a “light tank”. 

The parts inside the box
A metal barrel for the gun is included
Vinyl one piece tracks are included
The tank’s armament was complete with its two 12.7 mm Browning machine guns. Following the conclusion of the Second World War, where it’s capabilities had been fully demonstrated, it participated in the Korean War providing support to M4 Sherman tanks and the heavier M26 Pershing. It was also effectively utilised in advanced reconnaissance roles or providing close infantry support.

Kit No #2814 
1/48th Scale 
Model Dim.: 22,2 cm
Super Decals Sheet For 4 Versions - Colored Instructions Sheet
The Macchi MB-326 was developed during the 1950s to equip the training “Stormi” of the Italian Air Force. The initial units of the new Macchi two-seat low-wing trainer were delivered in 1961, and immediately proved to be a technically excellent aircraft with good flight and operational characteristics. 

Colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included in this kit
Easily recognizable by the two wing mounted air intakes alongside the fuselage, it was fitted with a British made Bristol Siddeley Viper jet engine. The MB-326 was supplied to deliver the advanced training program of the Italian Air Force, fulfilling this important role for several years before being replaced by the more modern MB-339. 

The parts inside the box
It also achieved considerable worldwide commercial success, being sold in more than 10 countries. It indeed became one of the most popular aircraft produced by the Italian aeronautical industry. The MB-326 could also be converted to have two 12.7 mm machine guns mounted, with an offensive capability load of underwing rockets and bombs.

Volvo 760 GLE
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 20,2 cm
During the 1980s, Volvo’s 700 series was at the forefront of their auto production lines. First introduced in 1982, it was characterized by great attention to detail and a high level of finish, consistent with the "premium" positioning it strived for within both the European and US markets. 

Colours/markings & number plates from several countries included in this kit... (surely you can paint he car any colour you want)
The first model to be released was the Volvo 760. Available initially in a sedan configuration, it was noteworthy in design terms for its clean, square lines and a vertical rear window. The "powertrain" as it was known, was available with one of two 6-cylinder engines, the petrol injection with a V layout and a displacement of 2,849 cm3, and also a 6-cylinder in-line turbodiesel from 2,383 cm3. 

The parts inside the box
Rubber tyres for this kit...
In 1985 the range expanded with the introduction of the station wagon version which was a notable commercial success in some European markets, in part due to its balance between comfort and versatility. The series engine range was also later expanded with the introduction of a new petrol-powered, turbocharged engine.

F-8E Crusader
1 : 72 Scale
Model Dim.: 22,9 cm
Super Decal Sheet For 6 Versions - Colored Instructions Sheet
The Vought F-8 Crusader was the first carrier-based fighter designed in the 1950s that attained supersonic flight capability. Due to its Pratt & Whitney turbojet engine with afterburner, it was able to exceed the then maximum speed of Mach 1.8. It entered service in the late 1950s with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadrons to replace the obsolete Vought F7U Cutlass. 

Colours/markings included in this kit...
The decals sheet included in this kit.
The F-8 had good operational longevity and was deployed routinely by the US until the Vietnam War. Armed with four 20mm guns installed on the sides of the large front air intake, it could carry a varied weapons load. This capability provided it with a high degree of operational flexibility on missions, utilising air-to-air missiles, rockets and bombs. 

The parts inside the box
Because it was armed with cannons, unlike the more modern and advanced early versions of the missile laden F-4 Phantom II, pilots nicknamed the Crusader “The last of the Gunfighters”. The aircraft was also used by the French Navy’s carrier-based fighter squadron.

These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide.