Wednesday, May 26

Preview: Miniart goes to the movies with their new Lee & a familiar crew...

Whether you prefer the 1943 or 1995 version of the movie "Sahara" that follows the fight over a precious well against the Germans in North Africa in WWII you will be a fan of this kit. MiniArt is offering either tank and the 1995 crew in a set for fans and modelers. We have images of the plastic, art, figures in our preview...

Miniart goes to the movies with their new Lee & a familiar crew...

M3 Lee Mid Prod. "Sahara" W/crew
1/35th scale
Kit No #35274
There are several machines of war linked to Hollywood films, Memphis Belle, Fury, Dambusters, Tiger Tiger! and most notably of all, the M3 Lee called "Lulubelle" that is synonymous with the 1943, and later 1995 remake of "Sahara" (let's not mention the Matthew McConaughey movie of the same name - it doesn't have a tank!).
It looks like Miniart has listened to a lot of modellers out there in this latest release. Up until now this tanks and crew was never offered together in a set, but now the Mid production M3 Lee (with "Lulubelle" decals to match) and the crew that very much resembles the cast of the 1995 movie are included in the box. 
The kit offers both the M3 Lee in US guize and the M3 Grant in a British version, so the kit is great value for those simply undecided on which one they want to make.
This new boxing from MiniArt includes:

Highly Detailed recreation of the tank "Lulubelle" from the 1943/1995 film "Sahara"
Photo-etched Parts & Clear Plastic Parts Included
A Decal Sheet For 2 Options both 1943 AND 1995 versions of the tank
Metal Surfaces And Weld Lines Accurately Represented In The Model
2 Options For Assembling Model(Us Or Uk Types):
2 Variants Of Assembling Workable Tracks (T41 Or We210)
2 Variants Of Assembling Turret And Sprocket-wheel
2 Variants Of Assembling Tool Boxes And Top Hull

The parts of the kit:
Weapons and extra equipment is included
5 Figures Are Included, the tank commander, the French man, the aussie digger, a Sudanese Sargeant and the British Tommy. this was the original Masterbox release of "Allied Forces North Africa" set.