Friday, May 21

Trumpeter's May releases: On tracks, on water, on wings & in a box?

Four new kits from Trumpeter - On tracks, on water, on wings and one still in a box? We have boxart, sprues and colour choices of the kits in our May preview...

Four new releases from Trumpeter in May 2021

F-100C Super Sabre 03221
Model: #03221
1/32nd scale
The F-100C model first flew in March 1954 and 456 of this fighter/bomber aircraft were produced.The "C" model was fitted with additional fuel tanks in the wings, external store pylons under the wings so it could carry 6,000 pounds of bombs and additional external fuel tanks.Later production aircraft used the upgraded J57-P-21 engine.

The two colours and markings of this kit
Three decal sheets make up the colours of the kit
An air refueling capability was also added to the C models. The air refueling probe initially extended straight forward of the leading edge of the right wing.  The aircraft was flown behind a tanker aircraft with a long refueling hose and basket.The pilot moved forward,plugged the probe into the basket and maintained forward pressure during the fuel transfer. This straight probe was difficult to use and was later reconfigured with an upward bend to raise the height and extend the end of the probe. The United States Air Force Thunderbirds performed in the F-100C from 1956 until 1964. Internal armament consisted of four 20-mm Pontiac M-39 cannon. Underwing loads could include up to 6000 pounds of bombs and fuel tanks on six stations.

The sprues included in the kit
Photo Etched Parts included
Rubber tyres and film for instrument panel included
Clear parts, opening canopy and clear instrument panel to sit in front of the instrument film
Model Length: 549.8mm /  Wingspan: 369.5mm
Total Parts: 430+
Total of 18 sprues and tires 
Wings w/ Optional position flaps
Engine w/ Highly detailed  Engines
Interior w/ Finely detailed cockpit, gear bays,
- crew seats with photo-etched seat belts and harnesses.
- Grooved rubber tyres

3M24 Club-k in 20-feet variant with Kh-35UE 
Model no#01076
1/35th scale
 ‘Club-K' is Russian cruise missile system disguised in standard 20ft cargo container, which can be installed on railroad flatcars, ships, trucks or harbour areas without a risk be discovered before it would use. 

The two colours and markings of this kit
Cruise missiles from 'Club' family can be used against ships and ground targets. They have range 150km with flight altitude 5-15 meters above water surface or 50-150 meters above ground surface and speed 0.8-3M.

The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 173.4mm / Width: 69.7mm   
Total Parts     220+
Photo Etched Parts Included
Total of 8 sprues
The kit consists of over 220 parts
Kh-35UE Missile included

USS Langley AV-3 
Model no#05632
1/350th scale
US Navy aircraft carrier Langley is by the Collier Jupiter converted. Modification works since the beginning of June 1919, in March 1922 complete refit appeared in the US Navy active duty, military history is a real sense of an aircraft carrier. Langley as the aircraft carrier during the Battle of conduct tactical training and exercises, the US Navy aircraft carrier to provide the use of a lot of experience and a naval aviator.

The colours and markings of this kit
In 1936, Langley was converted to become seaplane tender, NO.AV-3. During the Pacific War, February 27, 1942, in the implementation of transport Langley fighter mission to the island of Java, was sunk Japanese Navy land attack aircraft.

The sprues included in the kit
The kit includes a stand
Total of 17 sprues , hull and decks
Photo Etched Parts Included
Metal anchor chain 
Total of 540+ Parts     
Model Length: 475.3mm / Beam: 72.6mm 
- Detailed Hull is a one piece part
- Detailed flight deck and hangar deck
-Extensive photo-etched details included
-Six Consolidated P2Y's included
-Complete ship and aircraft decal sets

Russian T-80UD MBT - Early
Model no#09581
1/35th scale
T-80UD is a variant of the T-80U Main Battle Tank, fitted with a diesel engine in place of the high performance gas turbine. The original T-80 with a gas turbine was produced in 1976. The T-80UD with conventional diesel engine was introduced in 1985 and entered service with the Soviet Army in 1987. Design of the T-80UD is similar to the T-80U except the powerplant.

The two colours and markings of this kit
 Development of this MBT commenced in the mid 1970s. Production of the T-80UD commenced in Ukraine in 1987. About 500-800 of these MBTs were built, and it was planned as the primary MBT of the Soviet Army. However with the collapse of the Soviet Union its production ceased in 1991. These tanks are currently in service with Russia and Ukraine. A number of Ukrainian T-80UDs were exported to Pakistan in the late 1990s.

 Armour protection of the T-80UD includes composite armour with built-in explosive reactive armour blocks. The vehicle is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 202mm / Width: 102mm   
Total Parts: 870+
Copper cable included
Photo Etched Parts Included
Total of 22 sprues , lower hull and turret
The kit consists of over 870 parts
Multi-slide moulded  turret and lower hull
192 individual tracks links

These kits should be in your local hobby store about now - check for more info on all of their kits on the Trumpeter Website