Tuesday, June 15

MiniArt's combo boxing with German Tractor D8506 With Trailer & cargo coming soon...

MiniArt has combined the rubber-wheeled cabin version of their D8506 tractor, this time with a trailer that is laden with MiniArt's cargo, and being driven by a civilian woman in the choice of two civilian markings. This is an amalgamation of kits with new parts. We have the info from this release with all contents in our preview...

MiniArt's combo boxing with  German Tractor D8506 With Trailer & cargo coming soon...

 German Tractor D8506 With Trailer
Kit No #38038
1/35th scale
The kit contas a tractor, trailer, 1 figure, bags, milk containers & barrels
The kit has two marking choices
The subject - the Lanz Bulldog tractor with trailer in civilian service
The Lanz type HR8 was manufactured in different variants from 1935 to 1944. The 10.3 litres one- cylinder diesel engine had a continuous power of 38 HP and a maximum power of 45 HP.
The only difference between the Lanz HR8 tractors was the totally closed driver’s cab. An additional warm-air heating was available for such driver’s cabs. This was more comfortable for service during winter.
Here we see German women pushing carts down street; a Traffic Tractor with trailer filled with rubble drives past them. There is massive bomb damage at unknown city intersection in front of them. "Berlin Street scene." Berlin, Germany. Postwar, Winter 1945-46
This new boxing from MiniArt includes:
This new kit from Miniart contains the models of the German Traffic Tractor (Lanz Bulldog), cargo trailer, twelve cans, seven wooden barrels, nine bags and one figure. The kit has two marking choices included, both from Before / during WWII & after WWII in civilian use. Clear and photo-etched parts are of course included.

The rest of the kit parts - sprues:
The load for the trailer including twelve cans, seven wooden barrels and nine hessian bags.
The civilian figure of a civilian woman driver is included
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included decal sheet for 2 options
The colour choices provided in this kit