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Preview: History, colours, plastic & art of Miniart's new 35th scale T-34/85 Mod 1960

If you can't tell your T-34's apart MiniArt has another variant for you - this time the "Mod 1960" (can we say late service - probably not) upgrade to these tanks to upgrade them in the '60s. We look at the Mod 1960 variant, the boxart, plastic, & colour variants in real life that are offered in this kit in our preview...

Preview: History, colours, plastic & art of Miniart's new 35th scale T-34/85 Mod 1960

T-34/85 MOD. 1960
1/35th scale
Kit No #37089
The Subject: T-34/85 Mod 1960
We are pretty familiar with the mighty T-34/85 tank, some are even more in the know and they can tell which variant is which without visiting their reference books, We had to look up this one - the T-34/86 Mod 1960 -  late service life upgrade to the T-34/85. We do know, however, that T-34/85's were being used in Sarajevo and in Syria until recently!

A T-34 of the Houthis in combat in Yemen in July 2018. This one still has its WWII external fuel tanks - This is one of the colour choices of this kit boxing...
The Mod 1960: In the late 1960s Soviet T-34-85s underwent a modernisation program (T-34-85M) for export and to be used in a reserve service for the Soviets. these were retrofitted with drive train components from the more modern T-54/55 series tanks that replaced them, his is a testament to the level of standardisation in Soviet tank design.

Rhodesian T-34's - several of these and T-55's were captured by the British forces in the '70s, again we have one of these in this kit boxing's decal choices "0-220"
In 1960 various technical improvements continued to be made to the T-34-85 to upgrade it to keep up with the more modern T44 & T-55's in service, these included major refurbishing programs in 1960 and 1969. 

A colourized photo of a People's Army of Vietnam T-34/85 tank company on training, Luong Nghia Dung/Vietnam News Agency "55" is in this row - it is also included in this boxing's decal choices.
Although most all T-34-85 models are externally very similar you can see the 1960 model from the outside from the new BDSh smoke canisters, an infrared headlight to allow the driver to drive safely at night without employing the vehicle's headlights, a driver's sight and a 10-RT radio set instead of the old 9-R.

T-34-85 tank tower arr. 1960 with improved ventilation system
A Soviet Mod 1960 in the late 60's - this one is depicted in this kit...
Model 1960 also introduced internal improvements, a new V-2-3411 engine (the second such upgrade, following the earlier Model 1946), a battery generator (meaning its turret could be powered even when the engine was off or disabled), a sight for the driver, an improved air cleaner, a cooling and lubrication system, a battery generator, 
The T-34-85 Model 1960 also had a minor detail that makes the Model 1960 stand out is the small splash plate above the upper glacis track armour

T-34-85 armour layout of the hull of the Mod 1960
This new boxing from MiniArt includes:
This new kit from Miniart adds to their earlier T-34/85's with all of the parts that we mentioned earlier in this preview. With the BDSh smoke canisters and infrared headlight, all hatches can be assembled in an open or closed position. It has all of its metal surfaces and weld lines accurately represented...
Individual tracks included
The rest of the kit part sprues:
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included decal sheet for 5 options
The colour choices provided in this kit
That is all we know about this kit so far, See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...

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