Friday, June 18

Preview: More trash from MiniArt...Steel Trash Bins in 35th scale

Miniart likes to serve up rubbish (bins) like this - Trash cans of both large steel wheeled type and the smaller galvanized ones we banged around as kits (and always busted the handles on the lids) are now offered in 35th scale for modellers next month. We have features & CADs of the newest truck in their new series in our preview...
Preview: More trash from MiniArt...Steel Trash Bins in 35th scale

 Steel Trash Bins
Kit No #35636
1/35th scale
In their drive to fill every modeller's diorama with useful, realistic accessories in injection moulded plastic, MiniArt has given us a set of modern (very large) steel rubbish bins (trash cans) to put all of our failed modelling subjects (­čść). We will have a look at them now...

The large rubbish bins used by humans to get rid of all of their waste are becoming more and more prevalent in society, all corners of the world that have rubbish (usually) have bins to put that rubbish, we tend to see more rubbish bins like these in scenes of particularly modern times...

Swing topped wheeled bins like thi sone below were common in the 70's before plastic bins took over, but they can still be seen nowadays...
Trash/ Rubbish bins are one of those things that can show up in any scene in any place that man inhabits nowadays.
The Kit:
There are four steel rubbish bins in this set from MiniArt in 35th scale, Two large four-wheeled bins with the swinging lids, and two smaller galvanized "trash cans".
Two sprues that include the bins in nicely moulded seamless designs but also with wheels/casters that can be positioned wherever you like - very nicely done!
These four bins do not have any decals that accompany them, but we are sure they could be any colour you wanted, with graffiti, stickers etc the choices - like the bins, are never-ending!

That is all we know about this kit so far, See more about all of Miniart's kits on their website...

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