Saturday, July 3

Preview: The Bodi's new SS Officer from WWII in 35th scale

The Bodi Miniatures has a new figure in 35th scale resin of an SS Officer from WWII that looks very nice to us. We have a little on the figure and the inspiration for this sculpt in our preview...
The Bodi Model's new figure - an Waffen SS Officer from WWII

Waffen SS Officer WWII
SKU no# 35174
1/35th scale
Material: resin
3D Sculpted by Sándor Harsányi
   Boxart version painted by Jaume Ortiz Forns
Price: 14€
This new figure from The Bodi features a 3D designed sculpt by Sándor Harsányi, cast in resin in 35th scale. He depicts an SS Officer, an SS-Untersturmführer by the three "pips" on his collar. 

The inspiration:
This photograph of Otto Skorzeny (left), Adrian von Fölkersam (middle), and our subject SS-Obersturmführer Walter Girg (right) was taken in Budapest after Operation Panzerfaust, 16 October 1944. This operation was a daring "snatch" (known as Operation Eisenfaust in Germany) where the Brandenburgers kidnapped Horthy's son Miklós Horthy Jr. and forced his father to resign as head of state. A pro-Nazi government under dictator Ferenc Szálasi was then installed in Hungary.
The sculptor used this photograph of SS-Obersturmführer Walter Girg in typical Officer's garb. Overcoat and breeches over high leather boots. In the sculpt you can see the long lines of the coat as it drapes and folds down around his leg as he walks forward.
The rear of the coat is just as detailed, with the pinched waist at the belt and slit on the rear of the jacket folding over itself, the pinched arm folds of the jacket pull naturally as it would do in real life.
Detail of the national symbol of the eagle on his left arm, the pistol holster on his hip also attached to his belt.
The pinched and folded back officer's cap is seen here. The soldiers would fold it to give an appearance of an "alter Hase" (old hare) or a senior or longer serving soldier.
Seen from front on again, you can see more about this soldier, his rank is identified on the collar of the man with the three "pips" on his collar mark him as an SS-Untersturmführer or Second Lieutenant. The six large Mp-40 ammunition packs on his belt are evidence that he is indeed a fighting soldier, and his machine pistol is not far away.
The boxart figure is painted by Jaume Ortiz Forns, and it shows what can be done with this figure by the modeller, he is available now from The Bodi Website...