Thursday, July 8

Preview: Hit the road Jacques! 1/35th scale French Traffic Signs 1930's-1940's from MiniArt

Miniart is a regular Google maps of modelling of recent times, with road, street and highway signs from Kuwait to Germany, from WWII eras to 1991. They aim to steer us from the "road to Rouen" in the right way in 35th scale plastic diorama accessories with this, the French Traffic Signs 1930s 1940s. We look at the kit and the real signs of the times in our preview...

Preview: Hit the road, Jacques! 1/35th scale French Traffic Signs 1930's 1940's from MiniArt

French Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s
From MiniArt
Kit No #35645
1/35th scale
The kit contains Twenty-six signs in decal form & injection moulded parts to place them upon
MiniArt has added to their earlier set of German road signs in France with this set of 1/35th scale French Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s. this new set can be used with or without the earlier set, but it surely adds depth to our diorama toolset with pre-war options also...

The earlier set of German road signs WWII in France set no.35600 is in German/ English language and compliments this current set.
This CURRENT set depicts French road and traffic signs and not the German ones we have already seen from Miniart. 

The photographs below were used in the design of this kit, several of them were directly copied to try and make these as accurate as possible for the modellers to create their own scene, whether it be civilian, military or a mix of both in France during the '30s & '40s

Taken in Paris Au Louvre in 1941 and showing several signs of the times...
No Nazi parking here buddy! (wondering why no taxi's stop there....)
Some GI's in WWII, wishing they had this set to direct them around, so they are asking some younger modellers instead...
Paris in July 1939, pretty sure we have walked through here and it is largely unchanged - I see some white-wall tyres on that car?!!!
An impromptu concert from some German soldiers on the road to Moulin Brûlé & Verdun...
Maubert Fontaine after heavy fighting (or the KISS concert that has obviously gone back in time and being advertised in the background😂)
A towed anti-tank gun and GI walking past a mud-stained road sign for Metz in northeast France located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers.
Having a rest or on guard trying not to skyline himself? The GI near Sainte-Mère-Église...
This French family in a town on the road to St. Lo and to Paris...(Grandma getting a bit spicy with her V-for-victory sign there...)
The Kit: 1/35th scale French Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s from MiniArt
The kit provides us with twenty-six signs that you might find on the side of the road in France during the '30s and '40s (and maybe beyond that). The decals are provided for the smoothest adhesion to the plastic parts that replicate steel and concrete that you mount these on.
The plastic:
There are five light grey plastic sprues in the kit, the crossing and arrow signs and posts also are added too with place name signs for the side of the road.
Triangular warning signs and a circular post are also included. The modeller is given small keepers to hold the signs to the poles in place.
The metal scallop shaped base on these signs are a typical roadside marker even now in some parts of France and they are depicted here in plastic.
Two posted square and rectangular metal signs are included in this set also...