Wednesday, July 28

Preview: MiniArt's new 1/35th scale Air Conditioners & Satellite Dishes

To cold? Too hot? Nothing on TV? Well, MiniArt want to solve that with their latest accessory set of new plastic external air conditioners and satellite TV aerials for the outside of your building diorama. Sure to be popular, we have images and contents of the set in our preview...
MiniArt's latest Kit Coming Soon:

Air Conditioners & Satellite Dishes
Kit No #35638
From MiniArt
The subject - satellite dishes, air conditioners and graffiti filled streets...
The latest set from MiniArt features all of these things, and we can see the appeal to many modellers out there wanting to recreate a suburban rich and poor from most anywhere around the world..
This new kit from Miniart: 
The kit comprises of grey plastic injection moulded parts, a photo-etch sheet and decals, and it depicts not only the graffiti on the walls of these alleyways and streets, but also two satellite dishes - one large and one smaller, two air conditioners, two electrical panels for the walls and six junction boxes.

A look at the decals in the kit to represent brand names, warning signs and various graffiti and "tags" as the young-set call them...
The plastic sprues that make up this kit
The photo etch sheet replicates the scale thickness of the grilles and shields of the air conditioners...
Here is a built up example of the set on one of MiniArt's buildings...(unpainted so you can easily pick them out)