Wednesday, July 21

Preview: Trumpeter's four new releases in July 2021

Four new kits from Trumpeter - On tyres, on water, with FlaK & with a massive clothes dryer? We have boxart, sprues and colour choices of the kits in our July preview...

Four new releases from Trumpeter in July 2021

M1120 heavy high mobility tactical truck (material carrying system) 
Model: #07175
1/72nd scale
M1120 HEMTT LHS (Loading Operation System) is a comprehensive loading system that replaces the cargo bucket of the M977 heavy-duty high-mobility tactical truck. HEMTT is an eight-wheel drive diesel military truck, equipped with the US military and other countries. HEMTT is manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation and entered the US Army service in 1982. In 1999, the first production of M1120 began to be delivered.

The colours and markings of this kit
The chassis of the M1120 is composed of 257×89×9.5mm manganese steel girders with a strength of 758 MPa. Except for rescue vehicles, all HEMTT universal chassis use grade 8 high-strength bolts. The vehicle can be equipped with a central self-rescue winch, which is installed in about 20% of production vehicles. All M112 models have a wading capacity of 48 inches, and the climbing degree can reach 60% inclination. Both M1120 and its modifications can be transported by C-130 medium transport aircraft or C-17 transport aircraft.

The sprues included in the kit
Model size Length: 225mm Width: 72mm
Total number of parts 100+
Total number of  6 sprues, cabin, frame, container and tires
The kit consists of over 100 parts
Rubber tires

P-40/1S12 "long track" S-band search radar
Model: #09569
1/35th scale
The 1S12 long-range radar was also named "Long Orbit" by NATO. It was a three-coordinate radar in the UHF band developed during the Soviet Union. The P-40 radar began to be developed in 1960, and completed the national acceptance test in 1962, and finally entered the Soviet air defense service in 1963.

The colours and markings of this kit
Decals supplied in this kit
Masks are supplied for the transparencies in the kit
In 1965, when the P-40 was used as the target search radar for the 2 K11 Krug mobile air defense system, the P-40 received the code name 1S12. The main difference between P-40 and 1S12 is the 1S62 "code system". The front right side of the chassis is equipped with a data link antenna to exchange and share data between 1S12 and 1S32 radars. Between 1966 and 1968, these radars were upgraded, added and a lot of equipment. Later, between 1969 and 1970, in addition to improving reliability, the radar's search range also increased.

The sprues included in the kit
Total number of 19 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and cabin
Metal parts copper cable
Model size Length: 275mm Width: 121mm
The kit consists of over 880 parts
Multi-slide moulded upper hull, lower hull and cabin
256 individual tracks links
Photo Etched parts included

L4500A armored vehicle equipped with 3.7cm Flak 37 anti-aircraft gun
Model: #09593
1/35th scale
The Mercedes-Benz L 4500 is a heavy duty truck by Mercedes-Benz. It was built by Daimler-Benz from 1939 – 1944 in the Mercedes-Benz plant Gaggenau, and from 1944 – 1945 by Saurer. The vehicle is a long-bonnet truck and was offered as a rear-wheel-drive truck (L 4500 S) and as an all-wheel-drive truck (L 4500 A). 

The colours and markings of this kit

The German Wehrmacht used the L 4500 with armoured cabins as Flaks during World War II. Due to the lack of production material, the cabin was replaced with the simplified standardised Wehrmacht cabin and the mudwings with simplified wings in 1943. Also, the L 4500 chassis was used for the Sonderkraftfahrzeug 4. This is a complete kit for building a Mercedes L4500 with armoured cab and anti-aircraft gun.

The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 223.2mm Width: 74.3mm   
Total number of 400+ parts     
Total number of 15 sprues and tires
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
Photo-etched parts included
Flak 37 included

British Royal Navy light cruiser Colombo
Model: #05363
1/350th scale
The Colombo was launched at the Fairfield Shipbuilding Company on December 18, 1918. From June 1919 to 1926, she joined the Eastern Fleet in the Far East and was reassigned to the waters of the United States and the West Indies. From July 1932 to 1935 she returned to the Eastern Fleet.

The colours and markings of this kit
Colombo was then incorporated into the early Royal Navy's home fleet, and she also participated in the pursuit of the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneizenau.She then returned to Britain again for repairs, and between August 1940 and June 1942, she continued to return to the Eastern Fleet for service. From June 1942 to March 1943, the Colombo and her sister ships of the same class were converted into air defense cruisers and continued to participate in the war. Colombo survived the war and was sold at Cashmore on January 22, 1948, and dismantled at Newport Shipyard on May 13, 1948.

The sprues included in the kit
Total number of 8 sprues, hull and decks
Model Length: 393.1mm Beam: 38mm   
-the kit contains over 300 parts
-the hull made from two-directional slide molds
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains display stand
-photo etched parts included
- Anchor chain included

These kits should be in your local hobby store about now - check for more info on all of their kits on the Trumpeter Website