Sunday, August 8

Preview: Abrams Squad #36 - More modern warfare from some of the best modellers in the world...

Abrams Squad #36 has been released. This magazine consistently provides the best of modern warfare vehicles, dioramas, kits and figures to us on the regular. We have info on all of issue 36's modern warfare goodness here in our preview...

Preview: Abrams Squad #36 - More modern warfare from some of the best modellers in the world...

Abrams Squad #36
Price: 15€
96 pages
A4 Softcover, Portrait format
Texts in English
Abrams Squad is the modern modelling magazine by modellers for modellers - the first to take on this genre and probably the best devoted to modern warfare settings. Here you will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, illustrated reports, news, reviews and much more.

Contents of issue #36
-Commander's Display Unit brings you news and reviews from all of the latest products on the market right now...

-In "RTS" the magazine examines the new 35th scale LARC-V from Gecko Models with several pictures of the real thing compared to the kit - one of the best parts always of this magazine.
23.- The well known Australian Centurion 5.1 that served in the Vietnam conflict is portrayed here by a 1/35th scale AFV Club kit in “The Fortunate Son” by Jan Chojnack.
34.- By adding a lovely figure to the petit IDF AMX-13 from Takom,  Brandon Lum brings us his diorama called “Good Morning Golan”.
42.- Meng's awesome “Merkava 3 Baz” with mine rollers up front and lots of detail on the rest of the tank is taken on by Łukasz Orczyc-musiałek.
52.- The “Donbass War 2014” is captured next in a scene of a 1/35th T-72 B1 Mod. 1985 By Diego Bruzzone in the somewhat forgotten (by some) crisis in Ukraine.
62.- In Jesús Ramón's showcase we see “Stryker M1132”. this is the lauded AFV Club kit build in 1/35th scale, loaded for bear with lots of extra aftermarket and a trailer behind it.
68.- “Iron Spear 2021” - Ādaži, Latvia - On October 10-15, the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia together with the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade conducted IRON SPEAR. This armoured gunnery competition saw several multinational crews currently deployed in the Baltic Sea Region in another reference section from the Abrams Squad team.
74.- The Trumpeter “Ukrainian T-64AK” in 35th scale is featured By Roman Volchenkov
82.- “Buffalo X-ing Diorama”  - this scene from Vietnam during the war shows an M113 A1 ACAV and crew absorbed by the scene of a buffalo and its master from Uwe Kern.
90.- “Summer Shield” - Ādaži, Latvia - On 17-28 May, NATO Allies participated in Summer Shield multinational training exercise in Latvia. Its aim was to enhance joint capabilities in conducting combat operations, including air and ground coordination. This article is a photo essay for references from the team at Abrams Squad
96.- Turret Basket always gives us a preview of what is coming up soon in the next episode of Abrams Squad.

This magazine is now available directly from the Pla Editions Website or from their distributors worldwide