Saturday, August 21

Preview: Masterbox' new kits of September are on the way...

Masterbox has two kits on the way in September. A combined kit of pin-ups on a journey and a new set of Germans on a completely different type of trip! See a little about both of these kits in our preview
Preview: Masterbox' new kits of September are on the way...

“German Machine Gun Team. Autumn-Winter 1944. WWII era”
1/35th scale
Kit Number #35220
This brand new kit continues the WWII subject for Masterbox,  and it represents a group of five German infantrymen jumping off the tank, ready to engage the enemy. Masterbox would like to emphasize that the figures of infantrymen fit easily for any model of a German tank or self-propelled vehicle of that period (Tiger, Panther, Panzer IV etc.), as well as for trophy types of tanks, for example, the captured T-34s.

The kit includes two sprues. One sprue contains the parts for assembling 5 figures of German military men from the WWII era. The second sprue contains the parts for assembling samples of German weapons and equipment from the WWII era.

"The Legendary 60's series. On new adventures!" 
Kit Number #24082 
1/24 scale.
This kit is a combination of the three previously released figures: 24015, 24016 and 24017, united in one box.
The kit combines a visage from the 60’s era, with a scene of three young girlfriends who went by car on an exciting journey full of fun adventures and maybe got stuck along the way...
The kit contains a sprue with parts for the 3 young girls, each of them has their own body language and pose. The figures are made at a high artistic level and united by a single plot, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly and allow the modeller to create great vignettes with the most diverse stories.
These two kits are coming to stores now, you can find out more about them on the Masterbox Website...