Friday, August 13

Preview: MiniArt adds an interior to its T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944 Kit

MiniArt has added to their previous kit of the "T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944" tank with this, the full interior version of the tank in their latest release. We look at this variant's history, the boxart, plastic, & colour variants in real life that are offered in this kit in our preview...

Preview: History, colours, plastic & art of Miniart's new 35th scale T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944 Interior Kit

 T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944 Interior Kit
1/35th scale
The Subject: Plat 112 T-34/85's from Summer 1944 with the composite turret:
Tanks with the "composite turret" made at  the Zavod. #112 factory in 1944 are much liked by modellers and prove to be an interesting development by T-34 enthusiasts. Easily pointed out by some hull details but mainly the distinctive differences to the turret design.

A well known illustration of the turret's particular details...
If you look at the drawing, you will notice the three digit casting numbers which match the Zavod. #112 factory;s sequences, the lack of grooves in the mantlet, a seam on the rear of the turret squaring it off towards the back and several details.

The pictures in this article are of the tanks in the box
The hull is particular to this type also. Although hulls for this style pretty much matched the hulls for the Flattened Style turrets, a smoke discharger plumbing is seen on some of the photos, but it is impossible to tell if they all had it. Road wheels were typically of the solid style on these tanks in this series of production.

This new kit from MiniArt: T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944 Interior Kit
MiniArt has added a full interior to this - the already popular "T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944" tank with its distinctive features we mentioned earlier.We have some images of the spue to show you:

Kit Features
Driver compartment interior accurately represented
Fully detailed fighting compartment interior
Highly detailed interior of turret
All hatches can be posed open & closed

The main sprues of the kit
Full ammunition included
Engine and transmission included
Individual tracks included
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included & Decal sheet for 5 options

Colour choices of the kit: The five colour choices for this boxing are below with the real tanks the markings were taken from.

The 31st Red Army Tank Corps from the first Ukrainian Front in Poland January 1945
A T-34-85 with composite turret from the 9th Tank Corps, Germany 1945
1st Czechoslovak tank brigade on parade in spring 1945
An all-drab green T-34/85 factory 112 tank from the 5th Guards Tank Corps of the Red Army
For more on this kit and all of MiniArt's releases check out their Website for more info...