Tuesday, August 31

Preview: New 1/35th scale Traffic Signs Afghanistan in the 2000’s from MiniArt

To add to their successful road and traffic sign series is something rather significant today. We have from Miniart their latest in the series, the "Traffic Signs Afghanistan 2000’s", which contains the signs you may have seen on the side of the road during the latest of the Afghan Wars. We have the contents of the kit in our preview...

Preview: New 1/35th scale Traffic Signs Afghanistan in the 2000s from MiniArt

Traffic Signs Afghanistan 2000’s
From MiniArt
Kit No #35640
1/35th scale
The kit contains Twenty-nine signs in decal form & injection moulded parts to place them upon
MiniArt has added to their earlier sets of road signs & traffic signs with this set of 1/35th scale  Traffic Signs Afghanistan in the 2000s. This new set is a perfect companion to any modern warfare scenario from this country...

Here are some photos that Miniart used to envisage their new set - direct comparisons can be made from these pictures to the kit's contents...
The Kit: 1/35th scale German Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s from MiniArt
The kit provides us with twenty-seven signs that you might find on the side of the road in Afghanistan in the years since 2000. 

Posts and signs on these parts include road and warning signs.
The posts to support the signs are of course included, with circular, triangle and rectangle signposts in here.
The smaller signs come as decals, these are provided for the smoothest adhesion to the plastic parts that you mount these on.
The larger road signs are thin paper, that you cut out and stick to the signposts.