Wednesday, August 18

Preview: New ammo, stores, weapons & calibration for your tanks from Def Model in August...

Def Model has been busy at work giving us lots of new items of resent. Base playing babes, "Brave Tiger" M113 updates, wheels, Phantom FOD covers and Kubelwagen bits. These two are their latest releases, we have info about them in our preview...

Preview: New Ammo, stores, weapons & calibration for your tanks from Def Model in August...

Desert stowage set for the WWII German Pz.II Ausf.F tank
From Def Model
For Academy new kit
Cast in resin
1/35th scale
Kit Number #DM35118
The Panzer II had many, many miles to go in wartime, and soldiers and crews piled these with all of the extra fuel, food and stores that they could fit on them. Def Model has made a resin and metal set to match the Academy tank. We are sure it could fit a few more Panzer IIs also...
Twenty-five resin parts, a metal main barrel for the gun and photo-etch for the frames and straps are included in this set.
Extra fuel, rations, food and stowage really add to the stock Academy tank
You can see the covers for the barrel and "Jerry" cans in the Photo-etch frames that make this perfect for a western desert Panzer II.
YOu can assemble, leave things on or off and arrange a bit of this set as you like in this kit.

Modern US Tank crew Boresighting.
From Def Model
1/35th scale
Cast in resin
This product includes the 3D printed  M27A3 Boresight parts.
Price: $16
This 3D printed figure of a US Soldier and his M27A3 Boresight and case shows him standing on a plinth calibrating the gun, just like tankers do in real life.

Shown below is aU.S. Army M1A1 tank boresight line in Kuwait. Task Force Thunder, 2/70 Armor, 1st A.D., based in Ft. Riley, Kansas in 2000
The nine parts are printed up in resin, they make up the figure and the boresight and the pelican type case that it comes safely in.

 1 figure.
Full 3D sculpting and Master production using 3D printing
3D printed M27A3 boresight part included
The product is a resin product.
Total 9 resin parts
Seen with his hands on his hip, the US Army or Marine is wearing coveralls and seen boresighting for main gun zeroing his gun. He is standing on a plinth (which is included) which pretty much makes him the correct height to reach the gun, you might have to adjust your scenery with a taller or shorter tank.
He looks great from all angles to me, 
Both of these kits are now available - you can purchase them from Def Model's Distributors closer to you...