Tuesday, August 10

Preview: Trumpeter's three new releases in August 2021

Three new kits from Trumpeter in August - They come on tyres, on water, and with some great big missiles perched up on top of them. We have boxart, sprues and colour choices of the kits in our August preview...

Three new releases from Trumpeter in August 2021

Russian S-300V 9A85 SAM
Model: #09521
1/35th scale
The S-300V air defence missile system was developed to engage short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, strategic and tactical aircraft, as well as early warning and electronic warfare aircraft. It was designed to counter the threat posed by Lance and Pershing ballistic missiles. The main role of the S-300V is to protect task forces and vital industrial and military installations against massed air attacks. Its reporting name in the West is SA-12 or Gladiator/Giant.

The colours and markings of this kit
Masks are provided for the windows of the kit...
Some components of the S-300V system were deployed in 1983. All components entered service with the Soviet Army in 1988. Recently it has been reported that production of all S-300 series missiles, including export versions, will be stopped in Russia in favour of the newer S-400. The S-300V is a mobile air defence system. All of its elements are mounted on special tracked chassis. The first production version of the S-300V had a range of 100 km and could reach targets at an altitude of 30 km. It could engage ballistic missiles at an altitude of 25 km.

The sprues included in the kit

Model Length: 305.8mm Width: 103.7mm
Total of 25 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and missiles
The kit consists of over 1160 parts
>multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
Individual track links
Photo-etched, clear parts & copper cable included

PLA Navy Type 072A LST
Model: #06728
1/700th scale
Chinese PLAN new Tank Landing Ships were developed domestically. They are about 120 meters long, and 16 meters wide, with a displacement of 5,008 tons. It can sail at a maximum speed of 20 nautical miles per hour. According to official media, it has good concealment abilities, and the design makes it easier for landing equipment to load and offload.

The colours and markings of this kit
The ship is equipped with artillery, and has a helicopter landing pad. Its major mission is to transport landing troops, transport supplies and wounded personnel, and conduct other non-combat military operations.

The sprues included in the kit
Total of 5 sprues and hull
Total Parts 90+
Model Length: 183mm Beam: 26.4mm
-The hull is made from multi-directional slide moulds.
-Contains display stand and engraved nameplate
-Photo-Etched parts included

Soviet 5P71 Launcher with 5V27 Missile Pechora (SA-3B Goa)
Model: #02354
1/35th scale
This model kit of the SA-3B Goa high/medium-altitude air defence missile adopted by the Soviet Union and other countries around the world is reproduced with delicately moulded parts. Photo-etched parts are also included.

The colours and markings of this kit
The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 277.4mm Width: 82.7mm
Total of 14 sprues and tires
The kit consists of over 820 parts
- Details finely represented by newly tooled parts
- Photo Etched parts included
- Rubber tires

These kits should be in your local hobby store about now - check for more info on all of their kits on the Trumpeter Website