Wednesday, August 25

Preview: Revell's seven September selections sussed...

We weeded out the seven best of Revell's kits on sale for September to bring you the info, the sprues and built up pictures of the kits in our preview...

Revell's seven kits & gift sets in our September preview...

Eurocopter Tiger "15 Years" Tiger
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03839
Number of parts:116
Length:194mm / Rotor Diameter:168mm
Model kit of the currently most modern combat helicopter, the Eurocopter Tiger. The German Army celebrated the helicopter's 15th anniversary with a special paint scheme featuring a large-scale feline predator on the fuselage.
Kit Features:
Detailed landing gear
Movable main rotor
Paint masks for transparencies & wheels of the kit
Decal for the special "15 years Tiger" paint scheme

Ford GT 40 Le Mans 1968
Scale: 1:24
Product number: 07696
Number of parts:96
Length:174mm / Width:81mm
In 1968, Ford was again successful with the GT40 at Le Mans, the toughest road race in the world. With another overall victory in 1969, the GT40 had thus won the 24 Hours four times in a row.
Multi-piece body
Rotating wheels
Authentic decals for the winning cars of 1968 & 1969

P-51D Mustang (late version)
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 03838
Number of parts:160
Length:300mm/ Wingspan:352mm
One of the most legendary fighters of World War II, the Mustang became the ultimate escort fighter as the P-51D. In the late versions, the tail was modified to improve the handling of the aircraft in flight along with an additional 85-gallon fuel tank.
Highly detailed kit
Modified cockpit
Late tail configuration

Model Set - Airbus A320 British Airways
Scale: 1:144
Product number: 63840
Number of parts:66
Length:261mm/ Wingspan:248mm
With the A320 neo, British Airways is also opting for the most modern version of its most successful short- and medium-haul commercial aircraft. The "neo" stands for "New Engine Option" and identifies the version with new, modern engines.
Conversion of the A321 with a new fuselage
Detailed landing gear
Cockpit replica
In addition to base paints, glue and brushes are also included.
Included in this gift set
Plastic model kit (not assembled)
Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
Paints (Revell Aqua Color)
Glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)

Scale: 1:72
Product number: 65176
Number of parts:77/ Length:213mm
The main area of operation for the U.S. Navy's Swift Boats was the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam, whose numerous waterways were tailor-made for the Viet Cong. The heavily armed patrol boats were used to control shipping and attempt to cut off arms and supplies to the guerrillas.
Interior included
One-piece hull
Authentic decal for several boats
Included in this kit:
Plastic model kit (not assembled)
Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
Paints (Revell Aqua Color)
Glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)

Porsche 911 G Model Coupé
Scale: 1:24
Product number: 07688
Number of parts:100
Many fans consider the G model to be the ultimate generation of the sports car legend. As a coupe, the G model was extremely successful and was built for a full 17 years. Today, this generation of vehicles has a huge fan base and is considered by many to be the ultimate 911.
The kit features:
An engine under the hood 
Movable hood
Rotating wheels

Tornado ASSTA 3.1
Scale: 1:48
Product number: 03849
Number of parts:309
Length:360 mm / Wingspan:286 mm
Model replica of the Tornado ASSTA 3.1, one of NATO's most important combat aircraft. The Tornado's combat upgrade includes a new weapons computer, new data link connections, new rear cockpit screens, new sensors and a RecceLite self-contained self-cooled multi-sensor tactical reconnaissance system, consisting of an airborne pod based on the Litening Targeting and Navigation Pod and a ground exploitation station.
Features of this kit:
new cockpit screens
new instrument panel
Reccelite tank
new sensors on the tail fin
ejection seats
Pivoting wings & Separate wing flaps
Detailed landing gear
Movable pivoting wings
Detailed engine end cone
Separate airbrake flap
1 BOZ 101 pod
2 Sidewinder guided missiles
1 ECM tank
2 auxiliary tanks
Air refueling probe
Authentic representation of the following versions:
Tornado 99+77, WTD 61, ASSTA 3.1 Demonstrator, Manching, July 2015
Tornado 45+85, JaboG 33, ASSTA 3.1, Büchel, June 2014
All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...