Saturday, September 18

Preview: 1/35th scale French Concrete Road Signs, Paris Region 1930-40's from MiniArt

Miniart recently brought us the French Traffic Signs 1930s 1940s.  As a complement to that set, this new set of signs give us the traditional concrete signs of the Paris area in the same time. We look at the kit and the real signs that were used in making this set in our preview...

Preview: 1/35th scale French Concrete Road Signs, Paris Region 1930-40's from MiniArt

French Concrete Road Signs. Paris Region 1930-40's
From MiniArt
Kit No #35659
1/35th scale
The kit contains Twenty-seven signs in decal form & injection moulded parts to place them upon
MiniArt has added to their earlier set of French Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s with this set of French Concrete Road Signs, Paris Region 1930-40's in 1/35th scale. This new set can be used with or without the earlier set, but it surely adds depth to our diorama toolset with pre-war options also...

The earlier set of French Traffic Signs 1930s-1940s (on the left) is compliments this current set of French Concrete Road Signs, Paris Region 1930-40's (on the right).
The photographs below were used in the design of this kit, several of them were directly copied to try and make these as accurate as possible for the modellers to create their own scene, whether it be civilian, military or a mix of both in and around Paris area during the '30s & '40s

A French AMC 35 in the Orsay /Versailles region
Just outside Paris, workers demolish the rubble of a building, notice the concrete sign behind them... 
Two German Wehrmacht riders somewhere between Paris & Senlis during the fall of France in 1940.
Another motorcycle rider, this time near a sign showing Paris ahead.
Another dispatch rider, seen just north of Paris in the Mons en Chaussee / Saint -quentin area in 1940
An American half track packed with GI's, just west of Paris in the Meaux area...
In the North/western suburbs of Paris, this soldier of the Wehrmacht is seen to by a comrade.
Wehrmacht soldiers just outside Paris early on in WWII
The Kit: 1/35th scale French Concrete Road Signs. Paris Region 1930-40's from MiniArt
The kit provides us with twenty-seven signs that you might find on the side of the road near Paris during the '30s and '40s (and maybe beyond that). The decals are provided for the smoothest adhesion to the plastic parts that replicate steel and concrete that you mount these on.
The plastic:
There are eight light grey plastic sprues in the kit, these are replicas of the concrete road signs found all around France and specifically in this version, in the Paris Area.

These concrete signs were moulded and steel signs were attached to them.
Smaller, non supported place/ town markers are also supplied in the kit
The block type signs, again in concrete and used at + shaped intersections because of their four sides, as well as concrete signposts are included here.
The twenty-seven decla for the signs are included in this pack to give you a very schmick looking signage that looks the part. These are all taken from the examples of the pictures above in this article so accuracy is guaranteed.
This kit is due next month. See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...