Tuesday, October 19

Preview update: Amusing Hobby's new 35th scale T-90A(Full interior) - new CADS & video...

In the development tree of Soviet armour, the T90A pretty much fits in as a successor of Amusing Hobby's recent releases of T-72's. Now on the way in 1/35th scale, we have some more info on the real thing & the kit in the form of CADs & a video in our preview...

Preview: Amusing Hobby's new 35th scale T-90A(Full interior) kit on the way... 

T-90A(Full interior)
From Amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Kit No # 35A050

The Subject: T90A Main Battle Tank
The main battle tank T-90 was developed in the early 90-ties by the Uralvagonzavod plant design bureau (leading designer V.Potkin). Since 1997 its export modification T-90S has been offered in the world's military markets. In "Military Ordnance" magazine opinion T-90S took 7th place in the world best main battle tanks rating in 1998.

The T-90A construction embodies the best main battle tank T-72B and T-80U design solutions and the best layout and structural features. From T-72B it received its reliable chassis, from the T-80U the turret with armament and fire control systems. The main battle tank has a classic arrangement, with rear placed engine and transmission. Tanks crew consists of commander, gunner and driver-mechanic.
The driver is placed in the hull's front part under his hatch in a separate driving compartment. He is fitted with a wide view optical system. Tank's commander and gunner are placed in rotating armoured turret, in combat compartment. Commander is placed right from the main gun and the gunner on the left.
The T-90A entered service in 2005, replacing the aging T-72s and T-80s and forming the backbone of Russian ground forces. The T-90A has been developed based on thorough investigation and interpretation of tactics and strategy of using tanks in specific present-day combat conditions, considering long army service experience ol the T-72 tanks in many countries of the world and taking into account the results of the perennial arduous field tests. 
The advanced design solutions and cutting-edge technologies implemented in the T-90A MBT have opened up opportunities for the military to plan effective operations, enhanced reliability and agility of tanks and made it possible to improve their operational and performance characteristics by a factor of 1.5. compared with T-72S. Though new units and systems, which improve T-90A combat and operational characteristics, have been incorporated, the tank overall dimensions remain as those of the T-72C tank. Only it has become heavier by 2 tons, but the tank is still lighter by 9 t than French MBT Leclerc by 16 t than American Abrams M1A2 Abrams and German Leopard-2A6.
The new kit from Amusing Hobby:
See, that's the problem here, usually, we can pull some information from the boxart or other sources, but all we can really tell you in concrete about this kit is that it IS coming, that it is in 1/35th scale, that it DOES have a full interior, and that there will be a few colour choices by the AMMO team in here. Other than that - we will have to see what happens in the next few weeks.
CAD Images of the interior:
Amusing hobby have updated us with new photos of the interior of the kit in CAD form. the detailed commander's position in the turret with screens and communication gear on show.
The main gun and its autoloading feeder in place with shells stored on the floor compartment below them
Parts of the two-part shells of the kit in the autoloading mechanism.
An interesting video from Amusing Hobby showing the full kit inside and out
We will have more on this kit as it surfaces. See more about Amusing Hobby's kits on their website...