Sunday, September 5

Preview: A new brand with a new boat - FORE HOBBY's new 1/72 super-detailed Schnellboot S-38

A new brand with a new boat - Fore Hobby's new 1/72nd scale Schnellboot S-38 is about to launch into your local hobby shop, and compared to what is already out there, it looks very good! We have art, colours, features and sprues in our preview...
Schnellboot S-38 1942
From: Fore Hobby
Kit Number: #1001
1/72nd Scale
New tooled kit
19 sprues + hull, Photo-etch, masks & thread for rigging.
Approximately 48cm in length.
Price: $83 USD from Hobbylink Japan
Fore Hobby are a brand new company from china, making a new series of plastic injection moulded kits. Their first launch product is the Schnellboot S-38 1942 in 1/72nd scale. One that looks like it is in unsurpassed detail for a kit in this scale of this type.

A completed version of the kit has already been made up and was on display at a recent model show...
Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72nd scale of a German WWII fast attack craft Schnellboot S 38 class comes in nineteen sprues of plastic plus the large two halves of the hull split down the middle. Metal parts for gun barrels, railings and photo-etch are included, as are thread for rigging, ans masks for the included transparent parts. 
The decals for two boats, a nameplate decal, five sheets of photo-etch, gun barrels in metal, masking sheet for the windows and railings are included. 
The sprues of the kit:
Nineteen sprues including the two hull halves are included, with  the boat broken up into a lot smaller parts then many the competition kits of this type in this scale...
Transparent parts are included for the windows of the wheelhouse and other portholes
Here is the test kit built up, showing the many features of the real thing shown in pretty good detail. The metal barrels on the Bofors 40mm and Flak 20mm are evident, the early bridge style before the armoured style was implemented in 1943 is centrepiece.
This kit is now available in hobby shops, the cheapest we found was at Hobbylink Japan at this link...