Sunday, September 26

Preview: Revell's five kits in our November preview...

We have scant information, but we are giving you some notice of five of Revell's kits on sale for November. We don't have all the sprues yet, but some of these are still interesting enough without them - See what they are releasing in our preview...

Preview: Revell's five kits in our November preview...

1929 Ford Model A Roadster
Product number: 14463
Number of parts:149
Length:141 mm / Width:70 mm
Height:54 mm
The street rod phenomenon really took off in the early 1950s. There was a good inventory of old '29 Fords and the new overhead V8 valves were coming on the market. This was the perfect combination for a young man who was handy. The Model A Street Rods were light, powerful and cheap to build. But most importantly, they were very fast were!
• V-8 engine with 2 different intake styles.
• Choice of 2 Different Frame Types.
• Choice of steering wheels and headlights.
• Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.

F-15E Strike Eagle
Product number: 03841
Number of parts:210
Length:266mm/ Wingspan:178mm
Although the F-15E Strike Eagle had its maiden flight in 1986 and the basic design is even older, it is still considered one of the best fighter-bombers in the world. It was used by the US Air Force in both the Second Gulf War and the Kosovo War.

This kit from Revell is a completely new mould!
Very detailed kit in 72nd scale
Includes a complete bomb load, guided weapons and external fuel tanks
The latest upgrades to the F-15E Strike Eagle are included

Peterbilt 359
Product number: 12627
Number of parts:318
Length:324 mm
Peterbilt has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality heavy-duty trucks in the USA since it was founded in 1939. heavy-duty trucks in the USA. All Peterbilts are built with the same commitment to quality, inside and out. quality inside and out. The highly adaptable 359 Conventional, designed for cross-country haulage is available in two different lengths. The 359-13 has a fibreglass bumper and bonnet, which are made of fibreglass, which is made of metal on the 359-19. The Peterbilt 359 "Bull Nose" is a typical American truck with a powerful engine and many chrome parts. Due to its concentration on high-performance trucks with low maintenance requirements and very high longevity Peterbilt maintains its outstanding position in the USA also thanks to the 359 Conventional. This ultimately means low operating costs, efficient operation and high-value retention.

Posable bonnet
Detailed Cummins diesel engine with twin turbochargers
Multi-piece frame
Steerable front wheels
Opening doors
Detailed sleeping cabin
Cab with instrument panel and seats
Many chromed parts such as grill, bumper, tanks, rims, kick strips, exhaust pipes, etc.
Chains and hoses included
10 vinyl tyres
Authentic decals

The Mandalorian: Outland TIE Fighter
Product number: 06782
Scale:1:65th scale
Number of parts:34
The Outland TIE Fighter was a modified version of the Galactic Empire's standard fighter. It was used by the Imperial Moff Gideon to track down an individual known as "The Child" on the planet Nevarro, whom the mysterious Mandalorian had previously captured on his behalf.
TIE Fighter from the hit series "The Mandalorian".
Movable cockpit hatch & posable wings
Display stand
Pilot figure

Ford Bronco Half Cab -Sandman II
Product number: 17228
Number of parts:149
Length:375 mm / Width:69 mm/ Height:71 mm
When Ford introduced the Bronco in 1965, it was offered in 3 different versions. This version was called a pick-up truck. It had four-wheel drive and an off-road suspension. The Bronco was built on a 92-inch chassis, which it did not share with any other Ford product. The second vehicle in this set is a full-size dune buggy. In the late 60s, dune buggies were very popular and most were powered by an air-cooled 4 cylinder boxer engine. The base Bronco did not have many amenities but offered a long list of options. This first-generation Bronco was sold from 1966 to 1977, averaging about 18,000 units per year. In addition to the pickup truck style, the Bronco could also be had as a roadster or station wagon. Nowadays, restored Broncos command extremely high prices.

Detailed 302 Engine
4-wheel drive suspension with separate frame
Removable pickup roof
Reserve wheel<
Complete dune buggy with detailed engine
Trailer with tandem wheels and work ramps

All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...