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Preview: AK Interactive's new November novelties 2021

AK-Interactive has a raft of new products for sale this month. New books on British & German vehicles, basic needs of fluid & clothing, a set immortalizing a great & paint sets by Leonardo  & "Da man" Calvin Tan... See what we are rabbiting on about in our preview... 

Preview: AK Interactive's new November novelties 2021

English / Spanish dual language
114 pages. 
Price: 26,95€
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During World War II, the German Army widely used self-propelled anti-tank guns.
There were two categories of these vehicles: the so-called Panzerjäger (tank hunter) which had an open casemate. 
The crew was fully exposed from above and was provided with thin front and side armour protection, and the Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer) with a closed casemate so the crew-members could travel and fight safely.
This book, which includes several colour profiles and period photographs, is focused on the equipment of the German anti-tank units.

SKU: AK130003
Bilingual English / Spanish. 
184 pages. Semi-hard cover.
Price: 25,95€
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This is the second volume of the two that feature the most iconic vehicles of the British Army in WWII. The scenes and vehicles included in this collection are shown in a compilation of step by step articles with great photographs.
Perfectly combined techniques are explained to obtain maximum realism in the models.
A must-have book for all fans of British WWII vehicles!
INTRODUCTION Introducción by por Chris Meddings
CAPTURED BRITISH Británicos capturados by por Rubén González Hernández
ROAD TO MANDALAY Camino a Mandalay by por Lester Plaskitt
POPSKI’S JEEP El Jeep de Popski by por Kristof Pulinckx
PERFECT RECON Reconocimiento perfecto by por Rudi Meir
BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE El lado bueno de la vida by por Roy Schurgers
CROSSING THE RHINE Cruzando el Rin by por Rick Lawler
DESERT PATROL Patrulla del desierto by por Michal Tafil
ROAD TO HELL Carretera al infierno by por Jia Sheng Wu
THE LONGEST DAY El día más largo by por Chao Xu
DRAGOON GUARDS Los guardias del Dragón by por Jorge López Ferrer
TRACKED ARCHER Archer by por Kreangkrai Paojinda

Price: 46,95€

Price: 79,95€
Few hobbies awaken the emotions that football generates. As Eduardo Galeano wrote “In his life, a man can change his wife, political party or religion, but he cannot change his football team” … “In what way is football similar to God? In the devotion that many believers have for it and in the distrust that many intellectuals have for it.”
Football lost its fallen angel and this official resin figure is partly a tribute to scale, but also a declaration of intent to continue crossing borders that modelling has not yet envisioned.
Play, imagine, feel, break the norm and now…. Paint.
*This pack includes a basic selection of paints and a brush. In order to know the rest of the paints used by Eduardo Fernández, check the previous guide or the product pictures*

Figure details:
The unassembled figure for painting (glue not included)
Scale: 90mm
Painting guide and decals included.
Base not included.
Sculpted by Ariel Mora & Joaquín Palacios.
Box Art painted by Eduardo Fernández

SKU: AK0010
Price: 69,95€
Limited Edition!
The unassembled figure for painting (paint & glue not included)
Scale: 90mm
Painting guide and decals included.
Base not included.
Sculpted by Ariel Mora & Joaquín Palacios.
Box Art painted by Eduardo Fernández.

Price: 45,00€
SKU: AK11759
Calvin Tan is currently recognized as one of the world’s most talented figure painters, with an unstoppable career since his debut as a professional painter, he has collaborated with different brands to make colors, boxarts and designing figures.
He is an excellent communicator and has become a reference for all modellers who follow his social media or have participated in his masterclasses and shows.
This signature set includes a selection of 18 colours considered by him essential to be able to paint a wide variety of WWII German uniforms in miniatures with the best acrylic paint on the market.
He has his own personal mixes but it is also possible to mix in other proportions to achieve different finishes as the WWII uniforms look different during the war depending on the use, the precedence, etc.

This set contains:
AK11411 – Light green
AK11420 – Waffen green
AK11424 – Grey-green
AK11429 – Waffen red-brown
AK11118 – Ochre
AK11409 – Orange tan
AK11189 – Dark Prussian Blue 
AK11417 – Waffen brown
AK11425 – Field grey base #1
AK11412 – Medium green
AK11115 – Light earth
AK11036 – Ice yellow
AK11008 – Grimy grey
AK11021 – Basalt grey
AK11027 – Rubber black
AK11004 – Ivory
AK11407 – Black uniform base
AK11414 – Splitter muster base

SKU: AK11757
José David “Josedavinci” is one of the most talented painters, with an unstoppable career since he began as a professional painter in 2017.
In addition to making box arts for major brands, he is an excellent communicator and has become a reference for all hobbyists who follow his social networks or participate in his courses.
This special author set includes a personal selection of the 18 colours considered indispensable to paint a wide variety of miniatures with the best acrylic paint.
This set contains:
AK11004 Ivory
AK11029 Black
AK11036 Ice Yellow
AK11042  Volcanic Yellow
AK11048 Laser Yellow
AK11055 Sunny Skin Tone
AK11062 Old Rose
AK11075 Violet Red
AK11080 Deep Orange
AK11087 Scarlet Red
AK11096 Wine Red
AK11098 Black Red
AK11102 Deep Brown
AK11113 Chocolate (Chipping)
AK11119 Cork
AK11142 Deep Green
AK11167 Anthracite Grey
AK11182 Deep Blue

Price: 19,95€
Available sizes:
S, M, L, XL, XXL.
100% semi-combed cotton unisex T-shirt 190g / m², reinforced seams on the neck, neck with elastane ribbed finish, tubular. High quality t-shirt and finishes. (Titanium grey colour. FS24091).

SKU: AK9204
Sport bottle.
Cruiser Aluminum Bottle 400ml – Black with White logo.
Aluminium, with carabiner. Capacity: 400 ml.

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