Monday, October 18

Preview update: Plastic parts & contents added to the new 1/35th scale S2 Pantsir from Tiger Model

Tiger Model has supplied the box contents in new images of their latest kit of the "Pantsir" S2. Combined with the colours & contents, they illuminate what you can expect in the box as the release date comes closer.

Preview: We look at the new 1/35th scale S2 Pantsir from Tiger Model

Russian Pantsir-S2 Missile system 
Kit No 4645
1/35th scale 
From Tiger Model
The Subject: The Russian Pantsir-S2 Missile system 
The Pantsir-S2 is an improved version of the Pantsir-S1 which uses the same missile launcher and anti-aircraft cannons. The Pantsir-S2 can launch new surface-to-air missiles which increases the range from 20 to 30 km. The Pantsir-S2 is also fitted with a new SOTS S-band search radar to increase the detection range from 36 km to over 40 km. In April 2014, Colonel Yuri Muravkin, deputy commander of the air defence troops has announced that the Russian army will get an upgraded version of the Pantsir S-1 air defence system and a new missile. 
The new Pantisr-S2 has entered service with the Russian army in 2015. It was deployed in Syria to protect the Russian air force troops at the Hmeymim airbase in Latakia. Footage from RT Ruptly of February 2016 has shown Pantsir-S2 stationed at the Hmeymim airbase in Latakia, Syria. 
In March 2020, President Alexandar Vucic has announced that Russia has completed the deliveries of the Pantsir-S1 (NATO reporting name: SA-22 Greyhound) self-propelled anti-aircraft gun-missile (SPAAGM) systems to Serbia. According to our analysis of pictures released on the official website of the Serbian Ministry of Defense, the Pantsir delivered to Serbia is the Pantsir-S2.
The Kit: Russian Pantsir-S2 Missile system  Kit No 4645
This kit is the second in the Pantsir series, this one adding to the S1 with the new features of this vehicle we have seen in the machine's statistics. The kit's engine compartment can be opened or closed, and the front of the cab can be opened as a whole. 
A full internal structure of the precision parts displays inside the missile operating room is included. The model also has a full under chassis suspension, engine and gearbox. It features a brand new radar, with several anti-aircraft missiles. The repair platform on both sides of the system can be posed in two positions, either stowed or firing positions. 
Added to this kit variant is the top protective cover of the missile launcher. The decals and colours provided are for the Russian army.
Other kit features:
- The kit is based on measurements taken from the actual vehicle
- Designed for ease of build & assembly
- Side moulded parts
- Decals provided for the Russian Army
- Transparent, tan plastic & vinyl tyres included
- Photo etch included

The sprues and parts of this kit.
Tiger Model has sent us the contents of the kit, with plastic, vinyl, photo-etch and metal parts included.

We even get the sprue names on little stickers!
The one-piece cab eliminates unnecessary seams in construction.
The rear shell (for better words) of the truck are both in one part moulds.
The rotating turret is a large, slide moulded part also..
An important part of the kit with the missiles and fire command section here. The control panel and screens, crew seats and the engine top end are here.
The left hand side of the truck's chassis is here, with some wring moulded in - the universal joint, bumpers and cab  base are on this runner.
The right-hand side of the chassis takes up the length of this sprue. the front panel of the cab and axles of the truck are also here.
The large fuel tanks, wheels, car seats and even the engine's fan is included here...
The launching tubes of the missiles are the main parts of this sprue. Cut down the centre, hopefully, there will be no seam lines!
The radar fascia and rotating mechanism are on this runner.
The base of the rear turret dominates this sprue
A detailed dashboard, windscreen wipers, rearview mirrors are all here amongst other smaller parts.
The bottom end of the engine, transmission, exhausts, pressure cylinders and linkages are on this sprue.
Clear parts for the windscreen, windows, lights, warning beacons and rearview mirrors are included in this kit.
Poly caps and washers are provided for the rotating parts of the kit to make it posable.
black strips are included for sun shields
Nine Vinyl tyres are included in the kit.
Metal parts for the finer parts are in this kit.
The photo-etch for the walkaway grilles and the thinner parts of the kit that cannot be replicated in plastic without breaking are included.
This kit should be available in the next month.
Check out the Tiger Models Facebook page for more signs of life over the next few months...