Thursday, October 14

Preview: Will it be a day in infamy? new TORA TORA TORA! A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor from Eduard

Eduard has "dropped" (bad choice of words?) their new Limited edition kit "TORA TORA TORA! A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor" titbits on their FB page. A new kit with twelve marking choices and more details to come. See what we know about it in our preview...
Preview: Will it be a day in infamy? new TORA TORA TORA! A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor from Eduard 

TORA TORA TORA! A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor
From Eduard Model Accessories
1/48th scale
Available December 1st, 2021
The Subject - the A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese A6M Zero Model 21 manufactured by Mitsubishi was one of the most iconic participants in the attack on Pearl Harbor. While the bombers inflicted the bulk of the damage, the Zero fighter planes kept the American forces at bay, strafing battleship decks and airfields to maximize the deadly efficiency of the attack.

A6M2 "Zero" Model 21 of Shōkaku before the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.
Going into World War II, the Zero was a feared fighter, dominating the skies regardless of what the Allies threw at it. In the early months, it was believed that the A6M Zero scored a kill ratio of 12 to 1. No matter how hard Allied pilots tried, the Japanese warplane always seemed to outmaneuver any of their current craft. 
A6M2 Zero fighter aboard carrier Akagi before or during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 1941
Entering into service in July of 1940, the A6M Zero was built as a long-range fighter by the Mitsubishi Aircraft Company. It didn’t take long after the new fighter took to the skies to realize that Japan had manufactured one of the most efficient aircraft ever. To make it even deadlier, the Zero was equipped with two powerful 20mm cannons, two 7.7mm machine guns, and two 30 or 60 kg bombs.

A Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zero" fighter (tail code A1-108) takes off from the aircraft carrier Akagi, on its way to attack Pearl Harbor during the morning of 7 December 1941. The aircraft was flown by PO2c Sakae Mori, 1st koku kantai, 1st koku sentai, and flew with the second wave.
Following very specific design specifications that dictated speed, climb, and range, Mitsubishi turned to a new aluminium alloy known as “extra super duralumin.” The new material made the Zero lighter, which helped it exceed the maneuverability of the older A5M fighter and gave it the longest range of any single-engine fighter in World War II.
Though the A6M Zero was considered to have the best maneuverability of any aircraft in the Pacific at the outset of the war, it still suffered from several design shortcomings. At speeds above 180 mph, its ability to turn and adjust course was greatly limited, and its top speeds, which averaged around 332 mph (345 mph with the engine’s emergency overboost), were considered modest when compared to other fighters. Still, the Zero had little competition during the early years of the war and, when the Allied pilots first encountered the Zero, they were reportedly shocked as to how efficiently and quickly it could move.

A6M2b Zero aircraft from the Akagi 
Until the training and attack style of the Allied airmen changed the Zero reigned supreme in the Pacific.

The new kit from Eduard:
The December Limited Edition "TORA TORA TORA! A6M2 Zero Type 21 over Pearl Harbor" from Eduard is focused on the aircraft of the infamous Pearl Harbor attack in December 7th, 1941. 
We have some CAD drawings of early Zeros from Eduard of the Type 21. Let's hope they get it right huh!
The twelve decal options in the box will cover the attacking waves and the fighter escort units. 
Of course the box will be laden with special extras as Eduard always does, let's just hope the design is correct, as the many Zero fans out there are very exacting!
We noticed that the USAAC and the Japanese roundels are on the box, Maybe there will be a US counterpart also? 😉 We are expecting more on this and other releases in the next few days... (we are told by a friend that the Wildcat will be launched with a Battle of Midway limited edition further down the line...)
Check out the Eduard Website for more information on all of their releases...