Friday, October 22

Extra detail added to our rolling preview of TAKOM's new 35th scale 2 in 1 StuH 42 & StuG III Ausf.G Late Production kit..

To counter Takom's new Ships, guns & drydock in various scales, we have the more vanilla, safe option in the form of a 2 in 1 boxing of the 35th scale German StuH 42 & StuG III Ausf.G (Late) Production from WWII to keep the rest of us happy. We have info on the kit in our preview...

Preview: "Yes we still make tanks" - Takom's new 35th scale 2 in 1 StuH 42 & StuG III Ausf.G Late Production kit

StuH 42 & StuG III Ausf.G Late Production
2 in 1 kit
From Takom
1/35th scale
Kit No #8006
1 kit with two options of the gun is included
Photo-etch included 
2 metal barrels included
Link & Length tracks included
4 marking choices included in the box
The two tank options in this kit:
StuG III Ausf.G Late Production
The Sturmgeschütz III (Assault Gun) was one of the most deadly German armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War. Although originally designed as an infantry support weapon, by 1944 its primary role had shifted to tank destroyer. It proved a deadly opponent to Allied armour, especially on the Western Front against the British and Americans. Its powerful high velocity 75mm StuK40/L48 cannon was able to destroy British and American armour with ease. Furthermore, its low silhouette made it difficult to spot, making it an ideal ambush weapon that blunted many Allied assaults.
The StuH 42
The StuH 42, SdKfz 142/2, or Sturmhaubitze 42 (StuH: Sturmhaubitze (assault howitzer) was a self-propelled gun that was used by Germany during World War II. Only about 1,300 StuH 42s were produced and were based on the StuG III F/8 and G models. The StuH 42 was first developed in 1942 when the need for an anti-infantry support vehicle was needed and the production of StuGs was in full force. It only seemed logical to convert this already battle-tested and readily available chassis into a specialist vehicle and because of the fact that many features were carried over, development time was cut short just in time for the Battle of Kursk where around seventy StuHs fought. They continued in both the Western and Eastern Fronts until the end of the war. In the end, around 1,200 were produced.

StuH 42 No. 308, after September 1944, without the muzzle brake
This kit from Takom
Two well-known German turretless guns will be popular with modellers in this 2 in 1 boxing (1 kit with two options of the gun is included). The kit includes four marking choices, The option of a metal gun for either type of tank depending on the variant you choose. Link and length tracks and hatches that can be opened or closed are other options for this kit.
That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page