Wednesday, November 10

Preview: Contents of GWH's 32nd scale Flying Tigers Curtiss Hawk 81-A2

Great Wall Hobbies new 1/32nd scale Flying Tigers Curtiss Hawk 81-A2 really is quite an enticing looking kit. We have seen the test kit build up online. Today we can bring you a lot more of the kit in the feature set, the decal patterns, sprues in close up & some items of note about the first, special edition release of the kit...

Preview: Contents of GWH's 32nd scale Flying Tigers Curtiss Hawk 81-A2

GWH Flying Tigers Curtiss Hawk 81-A2
From Great Wall Hobby
1/32nd scale
Kit No #L3201
Plastic injection moulded kit.
Six decal choices included in the box
Photo-etch & Vinyl tyres included
Commemorative armband included
3D printed gun barrels included
Masks included for the transparent parts
Great Wall Hobby's new 1/32nd scale Curtiss Hawk 81-A2 “Flying Tigers” kit is almost upon us. The local Hobby shops in Asia are starting to receive their Hawks already, and we have some information in sprues, decals, masks photo-etch in the kit.
This kit is their first release in the 1/32nd scale "Premium Aviation Series", and on paper, it sure does look premium, with many features you would expect on the best 32nd scale kits on the market.

A sprue map shows the amount of plastic, photo-etch, decals, 3D printed resin and decals in the kit
Features of this kit on the test kit build up...
-Accurate Super Detail of Engine, Cockpit, Landing Gear and Interior Structure
-Exchangeable Engine Parts for Display & Installation
-Alternative States of Flaps and Radiators Position
-Come with Realistic Pilot Figure x 1
-6 Options of different Decals
-Masks for the transparencies
-3 x Photo-etched sheets
The first 3000 kits will come with a special bonus of an embroidery armband to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the AVG Flying Tigers
-Six x 3D Printer Gun Barrels with Ultimate Showing Details
-Exquisite first-Release Commemorative Card

The sprues of the kit:
A choice of either plastic or vinyl tyres is in the box
The pilot figure
A close-up of some of the parts so you can see the details, raised and lowered rivets, panel lines and other embellishments that make this kit such an interesting prospect.
More on this kit from Great Wall Hobby on its release