Tuesday, November 16

Preview: UStar's 48th scale Tiger I - Top ten take-away tips...

UStar has provided yet more information on their latest kit, the full interior Tiger I in 1/48th scale. An evergreen favourite tank in a popular new(ish) scale for armour builders, this kit looks very detailed in the several detail points in our preview...

Preview: UStar's 48th scale Tiger I - Top ten take-away tips... 

Tiger I Early Production Full Interior, Kursk. 
From UStar 
1/48th scale
Kit No #006
Four marking choices inside
Link & length tracks included
Photo-etch included
Metal Barrel is included
Clear parts for the top of the turret & hull are provided
The Subject: The Tiger I at Kursk
Kursk, July 1943. It was supposed to have been the battle that changed Germany’s fortunes on the Eastern Front and it developed into the biggest tank melee in history.
Many German vehicles made their debut in this battle. The Panther, the Elefant and notably the powerful Tiger I.  Most of these Tigers were assigned to Heavy Tank Battalions that were attached to other units for support as needed.  There were 2 of these at Kursk, as well as 4 Companies that were permanently part of their Division, for a total of 146 Tigers, a very small proportion of overall German tank strength.
The Tiger’s powerful long-range firepower and thick armour meant it was ideally suited to forming the spearhead of German attacks.  Indeed this was the basis of the tactic known as the Panzerkeil or Tank Wedge.  It placed Tigers at the front of the attack, meaning they would endure the bulk of Soviet anti-tank firepower instead of the more vulnerable Panzer IIIs and IVs. Of the Tigers that fought at Kursk, the Germans deployed 146 and only 6 were destroyed.
Tigers at Kursk were typified in having the large "Feifel" air filters on their rear deck, the two turret-mounted smoke dischargers are just some of the easily identifiable early Tiger identifiers.

Features of this new kit from UStar: Tiger I Early Production Full Interior, Kursk. 
This new Tiger I from UStar has a full interior provided, and the tank is dated at the time of the Battle of Kursk in 1943. Made in 1/48th scale, the kit has four marking choices inside, the tracks are link & length type. There is some metal amongst that plastic, with photo-etch and a metal barrel included. To see all of that lovely interior there are clear parts for the top of the turret & hull are provided.

The ten detail points provided in this kit:
This kit is due for release in January, We do not have a purchasing link as yet, but we will update it as soon as a supplier arises...