Monday, November 29

Preview: Meng adds a splash of colour to its 700th scale Shandong

Meng has developed a pre-coloured sprue edition of their PLA Navy Shandong kit in 700th scale. They hope that some modellers, put off by adding all of those precise lines, shapes & shades to their kit can get this one over the line a little easier. See the kit's features in our preview...

Preview: Meng adds a splash of colour to its 700th scale Shandong

PLA Navy Shandong (Pre-colored Edition)
From Meng Models
Kit No# PS-006s
1/700th scale
Meng's new kit no#PS-006s is the "PLA Navy Shandong (Pre-colored Edition)" in 1/700th scale. The kit is the same as the earlier version of the same aircraft carrier that is not supplied in pre-coloured sprues (funny enough)...

The Subject:  PLA Navy Shandong Aircraft Carrier
Shandong is a first-generation Chinese aircraft carrier that was launched on 26 April 2017 for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of the People's Republic of China (PRC). It is the country's second aircraft carrier after the completion of Liaoning, and the first built domestically. Shandong was initially designated as a Type 001A air carrier during development but was finalized as Type 002 at commissioning.
The aircraft carrier's design is largely based on China's first carrier Liaoning, which was itself built from the partially-complete hull of the Soviet Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier Varyag. It retains the ski-jump takeoff, which limits its air wing to helicopters and Shenyang J-15 fighter jets of the People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force. The ship is powered by conventional oil-fired boilers driving eight steam turbines derived from the Soviet-designed examples installed on Liaoning. It measures about 315 metres (1,033 ft) long, with a displacement of about 55,000 tonnes (66,000–70,000 loaded). Together with the enlarged hangar, the island which has been made smaller by 10%, and extended on sponsons in the aft-starboard quarter, space has been freed up allowing for up to eight more aircraft and helicopters to be carried. The island includes a second glazed deck which permits the bridge and flight control areas to be separate creating greater operational efficiency. It also features a faceted upper area of four active electronically scanned arrays (AESAs) for the improved Type 346A S-band radar (Type 346 radar).
Shandong, like its predecessor, uses the simpler "short take-off but arrested recovery" (STOBAR) launch and recovery system. Future Chinese carriers, such as the Type 003 aircraft carrier, are planning to use an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) that allows the launch of heavier and more advanced aircraft such as the Shenyang J-31 or the Chengdu J-20.
The kit: PLA Navy Shandong (Pre-colored Edition)
the colours and markings of the Shandong along with the colours of the aircraft that sit on its deck are numerous. Meng are looking to ease the load on the modeller by producing their carrier with pre-coloured elements so that all you need to do is snip, glue and viola! the kit is done!
Thanks to the pre-coloured parts, you don’t have to spend a lot of time applying the tricky decals and painting. Just assemble the parts and you will get a completely painted flight deck and the new carrier-borne aircraft.
This MENG PS-006 PLA Navy Shandong model kit is an officially licensed product of the Shandong aircraft carrier. It’s developed by MENG and Glory Made Inc. Finished model of this 1/700 scale model kit will be 439.8mm long and 108mm wide. This kit features pre-coloured parts and a fast snap-fit design. The flight deck and carrier-borne aircraft have been precisely painted. This kit includes several movable parts and various aircraft on Shandong. 

Just assemble this pre-coloured kit and you will get a delicate and detailed aircraft carrier.
The pre-coloured aircraft carrier flight deck has accurate colours. The markings are clear and precise.
The pre-coloured carrier-borne J-15, Z-18 and Z-20 aircraft are more detailed.
Build this new PLA Navy Shandong (Pre-colored Edition) model and add it to your fleet.
The kit is expected in early December. You can find more about it on the Meng Models Website