Wednesday, November 3

Preview: Meng & BMW combine to bring you their new 1/9th scale BMW HP4-RACE kit

BMW's all-carbon fibre frame HP4 RACE bike is the latest in the series of collaborations from Meng and a major automotive company. The feature set of the kit and the real thing are both under the looking glass in our preview today...

Preview: Meng & BMW combine to bring you their new 1/9th scale BMW HP4-RACE kit

Kit #MT-004
1/9th scale
The latest product developed in collaboration with MENG and BMW is their latest kit, the 1/9th scale high-precision BMW HP4-RACE kit. 
The Subject: The BMW HP4-RACE bike
It is the first stock motorcycle in the world to have fully carbon chassis and rims: the HP4 RACE. A limited number of them are being crafted by specialists in the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin. Each individual machine embodies the passion for two-wheelers, pushes boundaries and makes innovation history. 
"The HP4 RACE is the most exclusive bike that BMW Motorrad has ever made", says head of project Christian Gonschor. Since BMW Motorrad presented an "Advanced Prototype" of the special edition bike at the EICMA in November 2016, the whole scene has been clamouring for more details. One of a limited number of bikes, handmade in the BMW Motorrad factory in Berlin. With fully carbon chassis and rims, the HP4 RACE High Performance is on a new level and projects the future of the superbike into the here and now. 

The HP4 Race's 7.8kg carbon fibre frame, HP4 Race's wheels are just one of many carbon parts
With the HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad relies on carbon drive technology and is the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to enter industrial small-scale production of a full carbon chassis. Firstly, carbon entails a weight saving. The HP4 RACE only weighs 146 kilos & fully fuelled comes in at 171 kilos, it is lighter than the latest factory racing bikes currently used in the Superbike World Championship and only slightly above the MotoGP factory racers in terms of weight. Combined with 158 kW (215 HP) of power, this makes the HP4 RACE the pulse generator on the track.
The gyroscopic force in a set of manufactured carbon wheels is around 40 per cent less than in light-alloy forged wheels. This, coupled with the lower total weight, thereby improves handling, faster changes of direction, acceleration and braking performance. Carbon fibres, ten times thinner than a human hair, are the basic component of carbon. They are wrapped into bundles and processed along with resin into rigid components. Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) is produced, or carbon for short. It is as rigid as steel, but its density is around 80 percent lower. The BMW Group recognised the significance of carbon in vehicle manufacturing at an early stage and joined the world's leading producer, SFG Carbon, who provide the raw material for the HP4 RACE. 
The HP4 RACE is made in the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin. A small team of specialists builds and inspects the engine. The same applies to the entire motorcycle. The team ensures that the HP4 RACE is produced with the minimum tolerances and the highest level of precision. Passion knows no boundaries – this value has been upheld by the HP4 RACE development and production team and bequeathed to the special-edition bike. "Never before has a standard-production motorcycle been equipped with high-quality materials to this extent", Reno Reppin states, project manager at the plant in Berlin. In this way, the HP4 RACE meets the requirements demanded by high performance and uncompromisingly pushes the boundaries of motorsport technology into the future. 

The Model: MENG's new MT-004 1/9 BMW HP4 RACE:
As another product officially licensed by BMW, this high-precision MENG MT-004 1/9 BMW HP4 RACE plastic model kit continues MENG’s playable design concept. The whole motorcycle details including the carbon fibre texture are replicated to the maximum extent possible. This is an excellent motorcycle model you cannot miss.

BMW HP4 Race
1/9th Scale 
Available in November 2021
- The model is an accurate replica of the real bike.
- The amazingly powerful 999cc inline four-cylinder engine is precisely represented.
- The full carbon fibre bike frame used by BMW HP4 RACE for the first time in the world is reproduced by plastic parts and exquisite decals.
- This kit includes a complete set of carbon fibre texture decals. After easy application of the decals, you will have this motorcycle’s iconic carbon fibre details in place.
- The front and rear shock absorbers are movable as on the real vehicle.
- The stainless steel brake discs have excellent appearance.
-  The racing motorcycle seat is represented by a realistic vinyl part.
- The (separately sold) SPS-085 1/9 BMW HP4 RACE Movable Metal Front Fork Set will be released at the same time. 
The fork parts feature the same design of the original parts. The true metal colour makes the model look more realistic. What’s more, thanks to the metal parts, the whole model structure is more reliable and durable.
More about this kit as it comes to light. You can see more about Meng's kits on their website...