Wednesday, November 3

Preview: Toyota MR2 (AW11) 1/24th scale test shot build from Hasegawa...

Hasegawa have been developing their new tooled 24th scale "Toyota MR2 (AW11)" for some time. Now, the good news of imminent arrival of the kit with the test shot photos released on their website. We have a look at the kit in our preview...

Toyota MR2 (AW11)
From Hasegawa
1/24th scale
Kit No #HC45
Model total length 165.5mm / width 77.5mm
The Subject: The Toyota MR2
The first MR2, which was sold in 1984, was the first commercial mid-engined sports car of a Japanese automobile manufacturer and won the Japan Car of the Year award in the same year.
In 1986, the late model appeared, and a supercharger and a car equipped with a T-bar roof are set. 
This time,Hasegawa will make a plastic model of the highest grade "G-Limited" of the late model MR2 (1988), with a completely new mould based on thorough actual vehicle research and measurement.
The Toyota MR2 prototype test shot from Hasegawa:
Photos from the Hasegawa blog show us the first images of the test shot (prototype) currently under development.
Retractable headlights can be opened and closed
You can pose the boot opened or closed. Hasegawa has reproduced the top (visible) section of the engine...
Body (part color: white)
Bonnet (part color: white)
Roof (part color: white)
Front bumper and side mirror (part color: white)
Engine hood (part color: white)
Engine top surface, disc brakes, etc. (Parts color: dark gray)
Dashboard (part color: dark gray)
Steering, interior doors, etc. (Parts color: dark gray)
Shift knob, side brake, etc. (part color: dark gray)
Gear shifter & brake pedal (part color: dark gray)
Seats (part color: dark gray)
Chassis floor (part color: white)
Underside of engine, under panel (part color: dark gray)
Aluminum wheels (matte plated parts)
Door mirror mirror surface / tail light mirror surface (glossy plated parts)
Muffler cutter / headlight mirror surface (glossy plated parts)
Each part window glass (colorless clear parts)
Tail light (colorless clear parts)
The test kit has also been build by Hasegawa's mode makers, the little MR2 looks pretty good to us!
You can find out more about this kit and Hasagawa's other products on the Product link on the Hasegawa website