Monday, December 13

Preview: Market Garden Netherlands 1944 w/resin heads from MiniArt in 1/35th scale

Miniart has taken its popular "Market Garden" kit with a mix of German and British Paras and updated it with newly sculpted resin heads and weapons and equipment sprues. We look at the additions to this kit in our new item preview...

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale Market Garden Netherlands 1944. Resin Heads  - more guns, equipment & new faces...

Market Garden Netherlands 1944. Resin Heads 
From MiniArt
Kit No #35393
1/35th scale
The kit contains five figures with resin heads, weapons & equipment.

The Subject: The battle of the bridges, Operation "Market Garden" in WWII:
Many nations contributed to the fighting on both sides during Montgomeries Operation "Market Garden" in 1944. Captured (quite literally) here are British Paratroopers and their German Luftwaffe captors.

British POWs at Arnhem in September 1944
Operation Market Garden failed for many reasons, but most agree that the plan was too ambitious and disregarded information of strong German units in the area. After the failed attempt to link up with the furthest point of advance at the bridge at Arnhem, The British were on their own, outnumbered and running out of supplies, weapons and medical aid.

Two British paratroopers in German custody in a captured British jeep. Arnhem, September 1944, colorized, Photo by Leutnant Erwin Seeger
For nine days the increasingly hungry and under-armed British and Polish soldiers battled the Germans around the bridge. On Sept. 25, 1944, Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart, commander of the 1st Airborne Division, ordered his surviving forces to evacuate.

Captured British paratroopers from the 1st Airborne Division go past a German StuG III assault gun in Arnhem, Sep 1944.
Just 2,500 of the British and Polish troops escaped Arnhem. Across the operation, around 2,000 men died on the Allied side. The Germans captured nearly 7,000, effectively dismantling the 1st Airborne Division. Around 1,300 Germans died, as did nearly 500 civilians in Arnhem.

German soldiers administer first aid to wounded British airborne troops after their capitulation in Arnhem. 
The Allies’ bold attempt quickly to end the war by seizing a key bridge failed at the cost of thousands of lives. The coordinated air and ground offensive of Operation Market-Garden resulted in a costly failure even though some Allied commanders believed it might end the war in Europe by Christmas 1944.

Jack Reynolds giving his captors a two-fingered salute. “The Germans thought that it was a Churchillian ‘V for Victory sign,” he recalled. “I didn’t disillusion them”
The Kit: Market Garden Netherlands 1944 w/ resin heads from MiniArt in 1/35th scale
Taking the best out of their previous kit “Market Garden” Netherlands 1944 number #35148" this special edition kit here features new resin heads and extra weapons are included to make this a special edition kit.

The old on the left, and new kits on the right below
First the figure sprues of the kit, five figures in all, three British Paras and two German Luftwaffe soldiers...
The thick paratrooper smock is a feature of this sprue and easily identifies these soldiers on the sprue.
Here are the five resin heads included in the kit, a definite replacement on the older plastic ones...
A nice visual detail of the weapons & equipment also added in this special edition kit.
British entrenching tools, pouches, ammo pouch, steel helmets (probably not used to portray a Para) bayonets, entrenching tools and water canteens.
A sprue of German equipment, with M43 steel helmets, bread bags, flasks, bayonets, gas mask canisters and flasks to eat from are included here.
MP40 machine pistols, Mauser pistols, KaR 98 rifles, flare pistols, ammunition and map pouches are amongst all of the added features of this kit that elevate it further.