Thursday, December 16

Preview: New Abrams Squad Mag & Syrian Armor at War Vol.2 from Pla Editions...

Pla Editions have two new publications just out for sale on their website. Both the newest version of their latest modern military modelling magazine (no #37!) - as well as a second reference publication featuring vehicles of the war in Syria. See more in our preview...

Preview: New Abrams Squad Mag & Syrian Armor at War Vol.2 from Pla Editions...

Pla Editions has new publications that we think you will like. The second volume of the series "Syrian Armor at War Vol.2" and an all-new Abrams Squad no#37 are the new books on the block!

Abrams Squad 37
ISSN 2340-1850
96 Pages
Abrams Squad is The Modern Modelling Magazine is the for modellers - the first to take on this genre and probably the best devoted to modern warfare settings. Here you will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, illustrated reports, news, reviews and much more.

4.- Commander's Display Unit brings you news and reviews from all of the latest products on the market right now...
10.- RTS: Leopard 2A6M CAN (RFM) shows us in detail compared to the real thing the modern Leopard. This is one of the best build reviews on the market and a great section to see every issue...
20.- M1A2 ABRAMS SEP V2 1:35 (RFM) by Mauricio Mena. A new "Fury", this Abrams is shown as operating in a german field whilst on operations.
32.- Typhoon VDV (RPG Models) by Viacheslav Novozhilov.
40.- “No War”, Nagmachon (Hobby Boss) by Vincenzo Lanna. The Hobbyboss kit is shown made up with a background in the contested Lebanese/ Israeli border
50.- "Guardian of Japan" Type 90 (Tamiya) by Kuniyuki Takeuchi. This modern battle tank is the pride of the JSDF and is shown off so well with a not so new kit from Kuniyuki-Sama!
58.- “Echelon 2021” (References) by Abrams Squad. Covers the men and machines that take part in the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) joint military logistic support exercise Echelon 2021 held at the Harb Maidon training ground close to the Afghan border and aiming to practise countering terrorist incursions.
62.- Bergepanzer 2 (Takom) by Uwe Kern. This impressive kit from Uwe and Takom has a variety of different options for the recovery of allied & enemy tanks. the three-tone camo is dirtied up with lots of wear dirt mud and dust.
74.- “Leopard 2A7V” (References) by Abrams Squad. - as it says on the tin, the big cat from all angles over several pages...
78.- “The Coalition", Diorama FV432 by Paco Arévalo. Brits in their FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier near one of the oil wells that had been set on fire during the first Gulf War in 1991...
90.- “Saber Junction” (References) by Walter Böhm.Saber Junction 21 kicked off at the Grafenwoehr Training Area with a live-fire artillery exercise before transitioning via a tactical road march to the Hohenfels Training Area, Germany. this pictorial and text reference section follows the men and machine of the operation...
96.- Turret Basket previews the next episode and newer kits are on the way...

Syrian Armor at War Vol.2
72 Pages
A4 Soft Cover format
English text
ISBN: 978-84-124788-0-8
This reference is clearly not intended to be a political or historical textbook, as you will see soon. We have simply collected images from the world's leading photojournalist catalogue and after a great work of research, filtered and examined the great collection of images from this tragic conflict taken by extremely brave photographers and photojournalists, to which we would like to dedicate this book.

2.- T-54
6.- T-55 (T-55A, T-55M, T-55AMV)
22.- T-62
27.- T-62M
28.- T-72 URAL
31.- T-72M1
36.- T-72 Mahmia
37.- T-72 Shafrah
38.- T-72AV
44.- T-90
46.- Artillery
48.- Self Propelled Artillery
50.- ZSU-23-4 Shilka
52.- Anti-Aircraft Trucks
54.- Pick-up
58.- BMP
64.- Miscellaneous
66.- Destroyed
These two new great publications are available from the Pla Website...