Sunday, December 5

Preview: Three new compact kits from Freedom Model Kits in January...

Three new releases from Freedom Model Kits, made shorter so they could fit better on your compact aircraft carrier! The forms of two Super hornets, single and two-seaters plus a Seahawk in that "cute" (don't say egg) form. See the features & colours of the kits in our preview...

F/A-18F Super Hornet US NAVY - VFA-102 Diamondbacks
From Freedom Model Kits
Compact Series 162091
Release date: January 2022
The latest in the "Compact Series" from Freedom Model Kits is number# 162091. The F/A-18F Super Hornet of the US Navy - VFA-102 "Diamondbacks" Below you can see the 3D renders of the CAD drawings. The features of the kit laid out, the two pilots, opening multi-part clear canopies, the weapons load, the arrestor hook that can be extended or retracted. 
There are three colour/marking choices supplied on the single decal sheet. Full coloured birds and a low-viz scheme with three seperate aircraft. Sparrows, sidewinders and LGB's are included in the ordinance for a compact BOOM!

F/A-18E Super Hornet US NAVY VFA-195 Dambusters
From Freedom Model Kits
Compact Series 162090
Release date: January 2022
The new "Compact Series" no: 162090 is the F/A-18E Super Hornet from the US Navy's "VFA-195 Dambusters". The 3D renders show some of the features of the kit, including folding wingtips, clear parts for the cockpit, a pilot figure and a full weapons load.
Being a carrier bird, this compact Super Hornet has a retractable arrestor hook and a full load of weapons including sidewinders, sparrows, drop tanks, GBU's & (even) designator pods!
The two colour choices of the kit are closely related, both of them being the same aircraft, but in different time periods with slightly different markings. The famous bird is from the "Dambusters" printed on a decal sheet.

JMSDF SH-60J/K limited edition
From Freedom Model Kits
Compact Series:162038
Release date: January 2022
The new compact series number:162038 is the JMSDF SH-60J/K Sea Hawk limited edition. You can see by the 3D renders below the features of the kit, including the addition of the 3D Printed parts (which are shown in the darker grey shades).
The colour choices from the JMSDF on the supplied decal sheet and Mk 84 torpedo or extra fuel tank options on this kit...
Due to be released in January 2022, you can see more about these kits and Freedom Models other works on their Website...