Wednesday, January 5

Preview: 1/35th scale detail set for Möbelwagen 3.7 CM FlaK auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV from Heavy Hobby

Heavy Hobby's new 1/35th scale detail set for either the Tamiya or Border Model Möbelwagen 3.7 CM FlaK auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV sure looks impressive to us. We have photos of the base kit, how it improves the model & photos of the real thing in our preview...
Preview: 1/35th scale detail set for Möbelwagen 3.7 CM FlaK auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV from Heavy Hobby

Möbelwagen 3.7 CM FlaK auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV 
from Heavy Hobby
1/35th scale 
The set contains a mix of 3-D printed & photo-etched materials
For the new year, Heavy Hobby has brought us all a new gift, the new detail set for the 1/35th scale Möbelwagen 3.7 CM Flak auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV. This vehicle was nicknamed Möbelwagen ("Moving Van") because of its boxy side armour/ deck setup. Here is one in northern France, June 21, 1944.
Heavy Hobby believes vehicles with opened crew positions can show the skill, painting & weathering ability of the modellers. Tamiya 35237 was one of the kits that our main designer bought, with the release of Border BT-007 Möbelwagen 3.7 CM Flak auf Fgst Pz.Kpfw.IV, the popularity of anti-air aircraft has been restored.

This set includes a metal barrel, 3D printed detail sets for the whole car, 3D printed shells and Photo-etch parts.

The details of this kit...
Heavy Hobby has corrected some mistakes that Tamiya and Border have made in the research work of fire extinguishers. 

The fire extinguisher should be installed on an ”L” shape platform.
Heavy Hobby provides you with the 3D printed exhaust pipe and PEs for cable tie at the back of Pz. IV. Both of them are pre-made into damaged parts, allowing more details to be available for your model.
Heavy Hobby provide you with all of the handrails and pothooks, the handrails are parting line-free, there is no need to demolish them. There are 45 shells and shell cases that are also included in the set, which makes your artwork more random and customized to the scene and modeller's tastes.
One of the highlights is FlaK 43. The 3D printed shell case collection restored the binding structure of steel mesh perfectly. While such structure cannot be so accurate and less time-consuming as Heavy Hobby's 3D printed sets.
Below are three historic pictures, The steel mesh of the ammunition capture bin is bound on the frame by iron wire. The winding pattern on the frame is very complex, normal PEs and plastics cannot restore the detail of the structure accurately. There is a tiny swelling when the two parts in the middle join together, with this 3D printed set, Heavy Hobby has restored this detail. As for the gun barrel, they have adopted the 3D printed muzzle and metal barrel. 
Heavy Hobby also provides 3D sets of ammunition clips. They have two different ammunition assemblies for you. 
This set will soon be available in the market.

Purchasing Heavy Hobbies sets:
If you like what you see here there is good news, you do not have to purchase Heavy Hobby's sets directly anymore, but from their many hobby show connections around the world or from their new Website...