Saturday, January 22

Preview: 1/35th scale Detail-up set for RSO from Heavy Hobby

Heavy Hobby's new 1/35th scale detail set for either the Dragon or Italeri Skoda RSO with photo-etch, 3-D printed winterketten & accessories sure looks like it can add a boost to your kit. We have photos of the additions, how it improves the model & photos of the real thing in our preview...
Preview: 1/35th scale Detail-up set for RSO from Heavy Hobby

Detail-up set for RSO.
SK Series - SK-35002 
from Heavy Hobby
1/35th scale 
The set contains a mix of 3-D printed & photo-etched materials
For diorama builders, the RSO tractor would be a perfect choice, both Dragon Model and ITALERI have released 1/35 injection kits for RSO tractor,
The kit by Dragon Model was rich in detail and accuracy. Of course, there are some details that can be improved. This time, HEAVY HOBBY, Ni.WERK and Voyager Model introduce you to the HEAVY HOBBY SK-35002 for Dragon's Smart Kit (No. 6691)
The new SK Series(Super Kit, different from the PK series, the PK series has the whole injection kit and upgrade sets inside while the SK series offer upgrade sets) bring you the ultimate upgrade solutions and modelling experience. Heavy Hobby has integrated the printed tracks, photo-etch sets and oil drums to make your RSO more detailed.

The silencer with dents, NOTEK headlights and convoy lights.
The research work on RSO tracks restore the features of RSO tracks while our printing technology ensures the mobility of it (and they have developed the RSO tracks and RSO winterketten tracks).
A high standard of research work for German 20L barrel. Heavy hobby produces four common variants (Be aware of the inscriptions, factory marks and reinforcement grooves).
With an integrated row design that minimizes the amount of work done, the SK-35002 pack offers three posture barrel sets.
Of course, Heavy Hobby did not forget to provide you with a set of cans facing the same direction.
This set will soon be available in the market. Heavy Hobby will release more interesting upgrade sets in the coming days, stay tuned here for more!
Purchasing Heavy Hobbies sets:
If you like what you see here there is good news, you do not have to purchase Heavy Hobby's sets directly anymore, but from their many hobby show connections around the world or from their new Website...