Saturday, January 29

Preview: Amusing Hobby's Tiger P #003 with full interior (& Zimmerit!)

For their first kit of 2022, Amusing Hobby is really striking early in the year of the tiger with one of the prototypes, the Tiger P #003 with full interior (& Zimmerit!) in 1/35th scale. We look at the original, the kit art and the scuttlebutt in our preview...

Preview: Amusing Hobby's Tiger P  #003  with full interior (& Zimmerit!) 
From Amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Kit No #35A051 
The Subject:
The VK.4501(P) was the heavy tank proposed by Porsche to counter the shock appearance of the T-34 and KV tanks on the Eastern Front. The potency of the 88mm Flak against these two foes made it an automatic selection to be used as the main armament of the next generation heavy tank, but ultimately, some design flaws in the Porsche prototype saw it lose out to the Henschel design, which would ultimately become the fearsome Tiger tank.
 This wasn’t the end of the VK.4501(P) though, as Ferdinand Porsche decided to put his design into production expecting it to win the competition, but after this failed, the hulls were converted to the Ferdinand/Elefant tank destroyer. 
Five VK4501 tanks with the Krupp turrets and 8.8 cm KwK 36 guns were produced. Only one completed Tiger (P) with chassis number 150013 saw combat service as a command tank -VK 4501 with 003 number - the only one prototype which was fighting on the eastern front. A series of pictures and information is below...
The kit from Amusing Hobby:
We have already looked at the first prototype Tiger P in a in-box and a build from Paul Lee a while ago, now, we get the "operational" version in the  #003 number on the turret, and more importantly a full interior kit. 
From side on you can see a very full tank, from the rear and its electric/petrol combination and the stash of ammunition in the hull and gun in the turret
Although we can not see much of the hull's surface texture in this picture, this kit DOES come with a zimmerit coating. We would love to see this one come with those clear sides and turret that Amusing Hobby does...(not sure if this one has that or not yet...)
There certainly isn't much room left for anything else by the looks of it. We will let you know more about this kit as it comes closer to the finish line on release.
More information on all of their kits is available from Amusing Hobby's Website...