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Preview: We would! Miniart's G7107 1,5t 4x4 Cargo Truck W/wooden Body

MiniArt continues to expand the Chevy truck range with the popular G7107 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck with wooden cargo sides in 35th scale. This one features five different markings of Soviet trucks during WWII. We look at the truck and the kit in our preview...

Preview: We would! Miniart's G7107 1,5t 4x4 Cargo Truck W/wooden Body

G7107 1,5t 4x4 Cargo Truck W/Wooden Body
From MiniArt
Kit No #35386
1/35th scale
The kit contains a truck + 
Five marking choices are included in this kit
Photo-etch parts are included
Expected in February
The subject: The G7107 4X4 1,5t Cargo Truck in Soviet Service WWII
As part of the G506 series of trucks, the G7107 is well known and widely released in 35th scale model circles, but not so as detailed as this one we think. The G7107 is the basic cargo truck of the G506 series, with a standard 9-foot bed.

Russian truck Chevrolet G7107 marked with the elephant emblem in 1944. This is one of the subjects included in this kit.
The G7107 Cargo Truck was produced with cargo beds made of both wood and metal. It was a medium four-wheel-drive truck used by the United States Army and its allies during and after World War II. This series came in standard cargo, as well as many specialist type bodies. They became standard 1.5-ton 4x4 trucks for the US Army and Army Air Corps during World War II.

In 1945, Soviet military officers took a Chevrolet G7107 truck through the ruins of Berlin.
For power, the G7107 used a Chevrolet BV-1001-UP, a 235 cu in (3.9 L) overhead valve inline-six-cylinder gasoline engine developing 83 hp (62 kW) at 3,100rpm and 184 lbf⋅ft (249 N⋅m) of torque at 1,000rpm. During World War II, the US military purchased a total of 167,373 four by four 11⁄2-ton trucks, and Chevrolet supplied the great majority of them. About 47,000 of the G7107 and G7117 model trucks were shipped to the Soviet Union as part of the Lend-Lease program. The Soviet Red Army's logistics/transport capabilities improved dramatically in the spring and summer of 1943 largely as a result of the steady supply of American-made trucks (such as Studebaker US6s and the Chevrolet G7107s) for the USSR.

Chevrolet trucks were assembled in the GAZ factory under lend lease, they served throughout the advance deep into Germany and occupation in 1945
The G7107 had a ladder frame with two live beam axles on semi-elliptic leaf springs. GM banjo type axles were used, these axles were also used in later GMC CCKW 2+1⁄2 ton (2,268kg) trucks. There were three wheelbases, 125 in (318 cm) extra short wheelbase used only on the G7128 Bomb servicer, 145 in (368 cm) short wheelbase (a majority of production), and the 175 in (444 cm) long wheelbase. All models had hydraulic brakes with vacuum boost, 7.50-20" tires and dual rear tires.

A restored Chevrolet G7107 with the wooden tray and sides...
Almost all G7107s had closed Chevrolet cabs, shared with the closed cab versions of the GMC CCKW – except for three models. A panel van version was built for the Army Signal Corps, open cabs were used on bomb servicers and cab over engine types were used for long-bodied cargo trucks. The pilot models had flat top panels of the front fender, but production trucks had arches over at the fender crowns
The kit: Miniart's new 35th scale G7107 w/Crew 1.5t 4X4 Cargo Truck w/Metal Body
MiniArt continues its range of Chevrolet trucks with the G7107 4X4 1.5t cargo truck with a wooden sided cargo tray. This kit has five marking types included in the box, it also includes Soviet soldiers who are working on the truck. Again with this kit, the renowned author David Doyle is credited with his assistance from MiniArt in this project, and he is a good man to have on a project like this so high hopes abound for this kit...

There are two figures included from MiniArt's previous "Red Army Drivers" set #35144 which fit in with this boxing very nicely...
The single photo-etch sheet and decal sheet printed un Ukraine is supplied in this kit.
The five marking choices for this kit are heavy with the Soviet theme, All of them being chosen from the Red Army or Navy service up until 1945...