Monday, January 10

Three British legends added to Airfix' new-tooled kits for 2022...

Airfix have given their fans and modellers a present for early 2022. Along with their new Spitfire in 24th scale, we looked at yesterday are three all-new kits of British icons. We take a look at their CADS & features in our preview...

Three British legends added to Airfix' new-tooled kits for 2022...

Airfix has given their fans some online eye candy with the release of some of their new kit range for 2022. 

Of course, they will have more items to roll out during the year - all of these companies do, but it is nice to see some releases early.  We have three of their new-tooled kits to share with you in our preview...

Blackburn Buccaneer S.2
Kit No #A12012 
1/48th scale
Expected Summer 2022
Price: £72.49
Designed to have exceptional low altitude performance, the Blackburn Buccaneer was one of the most capable aircraft of its kind. A triumph for Britain’s aviation industry, the subsonic strike jet is the heaviest aircraft ever operated by the Royal Navy. Plus, the Buccaneers design includes foldable wings, rear speed brake and nose – perfect for effective carrier stowage, without compromising the aerodynamic integrity of the aircraft.
This highly detailed, highly requested newly tooled kit includes:
TV & AR Martel Missiles
Folding Wings
Early/Late Homer Pods
Two Types of Tailplane Fairing
Various Other Weapons
Open & Closed Airbrakes
Intake, Exhaust Covers and Ladders
Detailed Engine & Hatch
Posable Ailerons & Tailplane Elevators
Detailed Cockpit & Bomb Bay
288 Parts Included
Skill Level 3
Scheme Options 4

Avro Anson Mk.I
Kit No #A09191
1/48th scale
Expected Autumn 2022
Price: £46.99
As one of the most important aircraft during inter-war years and WWII, the Avro Anson became the first monoplane type to achieve squadron service status in 1936. It was also the first RAF aircraft featuring a retractable undercarriage. The final RAF example was only withdrawn from service as a station communications aircraft in 1968, despite entering the Second World War with 26 squadrons equipped with Avro Ansons.
175 Parts Included
Skill Level 3
Scheme Options 3

Gloster Meteor F.8
Kit No #A04064  
1:72 Scale
Expected Summer 2022
Price: £23.99
For five years following the squadron introduction of the Meteor F.8, the aircraft formed the backbone of the RAF's fighter defence force, a jet-powered equivalent to the Spitfire's which patrolled Britain's skies during the Battle of Britain just ten years earlier.
This incredibly detailed kit is available in three different schemes and includes: 

•Two different engine intake types
•Two canopy types
•Ventral fuel tank & drop tanks
Parts Included 111
Skill Level 2
Scheme Options 3 (Only one of the choices so far on their website)

There are PLENTY of kits with new parts & decals, but we thought these were quite interesting as they are newly tooled kits.

A video from Airfix showing their 2022 new kits...
For more on all of Airfix kits, take a look at their website