Tuesday, March 8

Preview: Italeri's four new March kits in art, sprues & colours

Italeri has four new releases for February - they come from the land and air, and feature vehicles from WWII to the present day. See the art, sprues, features & colours in our preview...
Preview: Italeri's three new March kits in art, sprues & colours

MB-339 60th P.A.N. anniversary
Kit No #1461
1/72nd scale
Contains 3 models
Model Dim. 17cm
The 313th Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico of the Italian Air Force, better known as  Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale "Frecce Tricolori”, is based at the airport of Rivolto, in the northern part of Italy. The 313th was officially born in 1961 as a very professional and highly specialized acrobatic unit with the purpose to represent, all over the World, the Italian Air Force. 

The decal sheet included.
The colour choices are shown by Italeri
At the beginning the team has been equipped with the Canadair CL-13 "Sabre" and, after few years it has been replaced by the glorious Fiat G-91 PAN. 

The Sprues of the kit
Today the “Frecce Tricolori” flies the two-seat fighter-trainer Aermacchi MB 339 A and it is the biggest team, with more than 10 aeroplanes. In 2021 the P.A.N. foundation welcomed its 60th anniversary during which the “339” were displayed with commemorative liveries that celebrated the legendary acrobatic patrols of the Stormi in the 1950s.

Volvo F12 Intercooler Low Roof with accessories
Kit No #3957
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 24,4 cm
New rubber tyres
Decal for 3 versions
Color instruction sheet
The Volvo F12 was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer. Equipped with innovative technology and design features for the period, it achieved excellent commercial success throughout mainland Europe. 

The decal sheet included - note the several number plate choices here...
The colour choices shown by Italeri
Along with entry to the market of the new line of trucks came the inclusion of a revised engine range. In fact, the number F12 in the vehicle name indicates the displacement in litres of the 6-cylinder turbodiesel engines that were used on Volvo's new range, several versions of which were released to meet differing prospective customer needs. 

The Sprues of the kit
The vehicle could be configured with different engine solutions and also with the choice of different cabin configurations as required. Among the more popular and most used versions, noted for its versatility, was the "low roof" model, which was characterised by its compact cabin.

M109 A2/A3/G
Kit No #6589
1/35th scale
Decal for 6 versions 
Colour instruction sheet
Model Dim. 18,9 cm
The self-propelled artillery piece the M-109, was commissioned with a specific brief from the American army, to develop a heavy howitzer with had greater mobility on all types of terrain than the dated M-44. 

The decal sheet included.
The colour choices, shown by Italeri
The first M-109s entered service in the early 1960s and immediately proved their worth as a major update on the M-44s. The M-109 was also continually updated during its period of service to match evolving operational needs. 

The Sprues of the kit
2 new gluable rubber tracks: T-136 chevron & NATO NM-116 
The 155 mm main armament was also improved with the introduction of the A1 version with its long-barrelled M185 gun, which provided a significantly increased range of fire. The subsequent A2 version incorporated further improvements of the weapon including, aiming, ammunition and target acquisition systems. The M-109 was produced in large numbers, equipping both American armed forces and key NATO allies.

SD.KFZ.124 Wespe
Kit No #7061
1/72nd scale
Model Dim. 6,3 cm
Contains 2 figures
Decal for 4 versions
Colour instruction sheet
Based on the existing light tank,  the Pz.Kpfw. II, this self-propelled artillery vehicle was developed for the German army in 1942 and saw its baptism of fire during the Battle of Kursk. With an increased hull length, it was able to accommodate the 10.5cm FH18 howitzer. 

The decal sheet included.
The colour choices shown by Italeri
Thanks to its good mobility and partially protected gun compartment, it was able to operate near the front lines. This ensured the artillery support of the infantry units during combat. 

The Sprues of the kit
With a production that reached more than 650 units between 1943 and 1945, this self-propelled artillery vehicle became the standard medium howitzer for the panzer and panzergrenadier divisions.