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Preview: M107/M110 Family Of Self-propelled Artillery 1956-1991 from David Doyle Books

David Doyle's new book featuring the creation, development and service of the famous M107/M110 Family Of Self-propelled Artillery is the latest of his comprehensive titles. This book covers a thirty-five year period of use of this big gun in all of its variations. See a little of what is in the book in our preview...

Preview: M107/M110 Family Of Self-propelled Artillery 1956-1991 from David Doyle Books

M107/M110 Family Of Self-propelled Artillery 1956-1991
David Doyle Books
124-page, softbound
Sale Price: $29.95USD
This all-new 124-page softbound volume is profusely illustrated with almost 250 photos, many of them in colour, illustrating the history and US military service of this weapon system, from its advent in the early 1950s through the first Gulf War. 
Widely used in Vietnam, where it had the longest range of any land-based artillery, the M107 and M110 series of vehicles, along with the M109, formed the backbone of US self-propelled artillery for decades, including the height of the Cold War. 
Colour and black and white photographs give this book a comprehensive look at the types in a way not covered elsewhere.
Many of these images in this volume have never before been published, including numerous colour images taken in Vietnam. Augmenting the vintage photos are carefully selected photos of preserved examples chosen to illustrate the details of the vehicles. 
All variants of the M107 and M110 are presented in this volume.
Contents of this book:
· Development and testing
· Evolution:
1) M107
2) M110
3) M110A1
4) M110A2
· Field and Combat use
 You can find more on this book or any of David's other titles from the Product Link on the David Doyle Books Website