Wednesday, March 2

Preview: Master Box's two new figure releases of March-April of 2022

Master Box has two new releases of warriors in their range. A post-apocalyptic warrior and a Greek citizen-soldier have taken up arms against their enemy. Sounds familiar? See the info we have on these two new kits in our preview...

Preview: Master Box new figure releases of March-April 2022.

"Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit № 2. Raider Reaper"
Kit No #24074
1/24th scale.
We recently previewed the some of  the series of Post-apocalyptic figures in a series of seven from Masterbox. They are set in the post-apocalyptic world that one might see in games or on television and made in 1/24th scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among modellers who focus on figures. 

Previous and forthcoming figures in this range...
This scale allows the manufacturer to make a much more detailed figure than the 1/35 scale and to add features of their own if they wish, or to add them to similar scale 1/24th scale kits and accessories.

The creation of the Last Bridge figures series was based on a simple case:
Global environmental disaster and then broken out war "all against all" changed sharply the appearance of the Planet. The values formed for centuries disappeared. Diverse gangs began to attack weak groups of refugees and Chaos came.

But people strive always to create order where there is no order. A delicate balance came in the merciless struggle between Chaos and Order, and then the Legend was born. The Legend is about the Last Bridge, beyond which there is still a place where people live peacefully, happily and do not need anything. But no one knows where this bridge is, but one thing is clear: wherever it is, the path to it is far and deadly.
The raider with call sign Reaper was an officer and veteran of several wars who lost all his family in the Great Chaos. He forgot his name a long time ago, lived one day and just went with it, not caring about the future.

But once heard Legend of the Last Bridge stirred up in him a thirst for life. He joined Splinter and her friends and went in search of the Legend.

"Greco-Persian Wars Series. Peltast. Kit № 7"
Kit no# 32017 
1/32 scale.
Kit 32017 opens a new series of kits dedicated to the subject of the Greco-Persian wars in 1/32 scale.

The high popularity of this topic among modellers who are fond of historical miniatures has incentivised Masterbox to take on the topic of ancient history. The choice of 1/32 scale instead of 1/35, which is more familiar to modellers, is also due to the popularity of this scale among fans of historical miniatures, where this scale (54mm) is more familiar.

The series of figures was created on the basis of the Greco-Persian wars of 500-449 BC, when the Greek city-states stopped the expansion of Achaemenid Persia, and the ancient Greek civilization entered a period of prosperity and its highest cultural achievements.

The series consists of 8 kits: three Greek hoplites, two peltasts and three Persian warriors - mounted, foot and heavy archer. All figures of the series are made at a high artistic level and almost represent a very high-level sculptural miniature.
Each kit has a whole story, and the unity of style and plot allows the modeller to create very interesting miniatures using both one figure and more complex compositions using all or several figures of the series at the choice of the modeller. The first kit in the series is 32017 Peltast.

To serve in the detachments of the peltasts meant for the warrior to have a special kind of courage. If the hoplite could rely on a massive shield, armor and the support of his comrades for protection, then the peltast was protected in a battle only by the speed of his legs. Even if initially the hoplite was shy, then being squeezed and supported from all sides by his courageous comrades, he gained courage himself, but the peltast staying one-on-one with the enemy could rely only on himself. Since the service as the peltast did not require any special equipment at first, then in fact any brave man could go into this kind of the light infantry, because to solve the then combat missions that the peltast faced, it was enough sometimes just to pick up a weighty stone. This, along with darts and arrows, was quite enough to bring some confusion into the enemy formation and make him tremble. 
For a long time, the role of the peltasts on the battlefield was limited to this, but over time everything changed and the peltasts left the role of enabling infantry and began to prevail on the battlefield. It was started by Cleon, the Athenian commander, who defeated and captured the hitherto invincible Spartan hoplites with the forces of only peltasts during the Peloponnesian War in 425 BC. And the dominant role of the peltasts on the battlefield was approved finally by Iphicrates, another Athenian commander. Iphicrates, having carefully studied the peculiarities of military affairs of that time, added real value to individual training of the peltasts, the coordination of their actions and high fighting spirit. And despite the fact that the hiring of the peltast and the cost of his training became higher than those of hoplites, the effect did not take long. Iphicrates defeated the Spartan hoplites twice with the forces of only peltasts, and his methods of fighting by the peltasts were adopted by such great generals of antiquity as Epaminondas, Philip of Macedon and Alexander of Macedon, his son.

Look for these two new figures in the exciting new series in Masterbox's Distributor stores in sometime later this month.