Sunday, March 6

Preview: Yugoslav Electras – From Aeroput Airlines to RAF by Petrovic & Nikolić from Canfora Publishing

The beautiful Lockheed Electra in Yugoslav service, from civilian to latter Air Force service is the subject of Canfora Publishing's latest book. We look at it in our preview...

Preview: Yugoslav Electras – From Aeroput Airlines to RAF by Petrovic & Nikolić  from Canfora

Yugoslav Electras – From Aeroput Airlines to RAF
By Ognjan Petrovic & Djordje Nikolić 
From Canfora Grafisk Form
112 pages
Soft cover.
Dimensions: 280 × 210 × 9 mm
Price: €24.90
"Yugoslav Electras – From Aeroput Airlines to RAF" is the latest book to be published by Canfora Publishing, and penned by the duo of respected aviation authors Ognjan Petrovic & Djordje Nikolić.
A little of the situation before the Electras came into service with Aeroput is discussed...
Discussed also is the "The April War" of 1941 as it was called. This was the invasion of The invasion of Yugoslavia, a German-led attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers which began on 6 April 1941 during World War II.
Perhaps the most beautiful 1930s airliner, the Lockheed 10A Elektra's service with the Aeroput Airlines is just a part of the story, with service after WWII commenced another integral part of the narrative...
The book also includes a brief history about the development of the Electra, as well as a rich photo gallery of its service with other airlines as well as the transfer of a few of the machines to the RAF.
Excellent photographic reference for the type inside and out is presented with smartly written text describing service in the RAF.
Extensive colour schemes of the Electras in civil and in RAF service are included in the book as well.
The book has just been released to the public, and for a while it is on sale at €24.90
To see more click on this link on the Canfora Publishing Website