Wednesday, April 20

Like a Phoenix, ICM roars back to life with six "Made in Ukraine" kits...

ICM has a message to their supporters - "We are BACK!!" They have a list of six kits slated for release in the very near future that modellers have seen glimpses of, but now they are real. See the message from ICM and the kits in our preview...

Like a Phoenix, ICM roars back to life with six "Made in Ukraine" kits...

ICM from Ukraine have given modellers a little present today. The nature of the invasion into their country and consequences for all Ukrainians has understandably led them, like many of us, to have to wait out this situation and see if life can at some point continue in a normal manner. Of course, that will not happen until the invaders leave, ICM can at least start back to work to inspire the rest of us. They have six new releases coming, We will look at them and a note from ICM to all modellers in our preview...

From ICM:

Dear friends!
We receive a lot of letters with words of support! Thanks everybody, you give us strength! Our country and we are now going through a difficult and dark time. With pain in our hearts, we condole with all the victims of this war, we pray for the army and the people of Ukraine. We believe that the victory of freedom, democracy, justice and truth is close.

In recent weeks, we have made every effort to restore and resume work! Thanks to each member of our Team, who set to work with enthusiasm and faith, we are doing our favorite thing with all our might to support the economy of our country!

The new items that we announced for March (the releases were delayed due to war) have already become available! Ask distributors in your country!

Now we are working on the following items.

Gotha Go 242B WWII German Landing Glider
Kit No #48225
1/48th scale
214 pcs
Wingspan 513mm / Length 332 mm
Price: $80.79 USD from Hobbylink Japan
This model kit of the Gotha Go 242B German transport glider is a completely new mould kit! It's equipped with an MG15 machine gun, and decals for three versions are included. Now work has begun again, we are happy to see this one come gliding back into production...

Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 – "Easy version"
Kit No #24042
1/24th scale
88 pcs
Height 67mm / Length 106 mm
This "Easy Version" as it is called of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 comes with plastic spoked wheels to avoid any unnecessary work on the modeller's behalf, The full internal combustion engine is included as well as a full suspension, driver and passenger's compartment and those early automobile control are also in there!

Truck box of military vehicle (KUNG)
Kit No #35010
1/35th scale
Height 64nn /Length 150 mm
88 pcs
The top cab part of one of the BIG Russian trucks makes its own kit outright as a small workplace or storage unit for the soldiers (or maybe civilian) to store their gear in or to camp in. this kit is a simple but an intresting proposition for any diorama builder.

Army of Ice (Night King, Great Other, Wight)
Kit No #DS1601
1/16th scale
60 pcs
Not at all resembling any trademarked TV show (­čśë) this set of three figures represents the "Army of Ice" that could well be zombies, creatures, spirits or something in between. Only available as single figures before this, they are now available as a set of three figures in one kit.

AH-1G ‘Arctic Cobra’
US Helicopter
Kit No #32063
1/32nd scale
241 pcs
Wingspan 106mm /Length 422 mm
Price: $111.70 USD from Hobbylink Japan
ICM's model kit of the U.S. Army AH-1G Arctic Cobra helicopter can be built as either the early or late version; its engine and cockpit are reproduced in good detail. You can choose from either an early or a late model Cobra in the easy to construct 241 parts. Three schemes of Artic Cobras are included in the box.

American Civil War Confederate Infantry Set #2
Kit No #35024
1/35th scale
Price: $17.56 USD from Hobbylink Japan
ICM's second kit of the American Civil War Confederate infantry soldiers is a completely new mould and includes four Confederate soldiers of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. This set comes complete with weapons and equipment and can be used in opposition to set #32023 Northern / Union soldiers to create your own mini-battle.
More about these new releases on the ICM plastic model kits website