Saturday, April 16

Preview: Heavy Hobby's new 1/35th scale RpzB 43 & two RpzB 54 Panzerschrecks & ammo set

Heavy Hobby has sent us news of another 3-D printed set of 1/35th scale accessories for your WWII or even MAK dioramas. A set of single RpzB 43 & two RpzB 54 Panzerschrecks & ammo set. We look at the difference between the two types of weapons & the set's contents in our preview...

Preview: Heavy Hobby's new 1/35th scale RpzB 43 & two RpzB 54 Panzerschrecks & ammo set

RpzB 43 & two RpzB 54 Panzerschrecks & ammo set
From Heavy Hobby
1/35th scale 
Heavy Hobby has brought information on their newest 3D printed 35th scale accessory, the replica of the German WWII-era RpzB 43 & two RpzB 54 Panzerschrecks & ammo set

The Subject: Panzerschreck 
Panzerschreck (lit. "tank fright", "tank's fright" or "tank's bane") was the popular name for the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 ("Rocket Anti-armor Rifle Model 54", abbreviated to RPzB 54), an 88 mm reusable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by Nazi Germany in World War II. Another earlier, official name was Ofenrohr ("stove pipe").

The earlier RPzB 53 without blast deflecting shield
The 88mm Panzerschreck is a recoilless anti-tank rocket launcher with a firing range of 150 meters. It is a more sophisticated anti-tank weapon than the Panzerfaust and is a specialist anti-tank weapon that can be reloaded and used repeatedly. The design was influenced by the American Bazooka. 

RPzB.54 Panzerschreck antitank rocket launcher crew of two in ambush position - the range was 150 metres at effective maximum
The Panzerschreck uses a 3.25kg 4322 rocket with a range of 150m and an armour penetration capability of 160mm. it uses a hollow charge combat section with a pointed head and a looped tail. It is available in summer (temperature range -5 to 50 degrees Celsius) and winter (temperature range -40 to 30 degrees Celsius) versions.

The early RpzB 43 proved to be an effective anti-tank weapon, but the powder residue and hot air stream from the anti-tank rocket could easily burn the user. Panzerschrecks also left a tell-tale smoke cloud when fired, making it easy for Allied gunners to locate their assailants.

The improved Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 with blast shield - The Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production added a shooter's shield to the RpzB 43, bringing it up to the RpzB 54 standard.
Notice the tank assault patches on these men's sleeves - noting a successful close range tank assault for each.
Heavy Hobby's new 1/35th scale WWII Panzerschreck
Heavy Hobby presents the Panzerschreck 3D resin model, the kit contains one RpzB 43 and two RpzB 54, as well as 6 pieces of ammunition. It can greatly enrich the detail of your diorama.
3-D printed detail is fine and the curves work well without any visible artifacts...
You can see these fit in well with the 35th scale tank and Heavy Hobby's other 3D printed items
Of course the weapon comes with rocket ammunition - 6 rounds in total
Heavy Hobby has taken advantage of 3D printing to create a hollowed-out design for the tubing details on the Panzerschreck. The model itself is rich in detail and does not require modification.

These two photos show the weapon with a 35th scale MAK kit, maybe modellers could convince them to make a 1/20th scale set also?😉
If you like what you see here there is good news, you can purchase Heavy Hobby's sets from their many hobby show connections around the world, with links to them on their new Website...