Monday, April 11

Preview: Italeri's four new kits for April in art, sprues & colours

Italeri has four new releases for April - they come from the land and air, and feature vehicles from WWII to the present day. See the art, sprues, features & colours in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's four new kits for April in art, sprues & colours

Scania S730 HIGHLINE 4x2
Kit No #3927
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 24,7 cm
Scania S series – a key player in the industrial and heavy commercial vehicles market – has been designed to meet long-range logistics and transportation needs. 
The new S series was introduced by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer to the market in 2016, and included new innovative design solutions. 

The decal sheet included.
The colour choices, shown by Italeri with a special V8 decal, but you can add your own scheme on top of that, with the plethora of country choices supplied in the number plate decals. 
Key design features were incorporated to optimize the use of the space inside the cabin to enhance driver comfort, and greater attention was afforded to more modern "active and passive" safety systems to aid driver control and overall vehicle management. The attractive and contemporary new design also reflected the modern aerodynamics of the vehicle and its reduced fuel consumption targets. Important "success factors" of this particular Scania design lie within its operational efficiency, lower fuel consumption and environmental credentials. 

The Sprues of the kit

Photo-etch parts are included to replicate the thinner parts of the model
Vinyl tyres are included with this kit.
The "Highline" version with the larger cabin, further echoes the aims of the "S" line series to meet long-distance transport and logistics commitments.

The CAD Drawings of the kit. First is the cab compartment.
The engine compartment opens up to show the V8 powerplant inside
The model built and painted in the special anniversary scheme.

MiG-23BN Flogger
Kit No #2817
1/48th scale
Model Dim. 35cm
The variable-sweep fighter-bomber Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-27 (NATO designation Flogger D), was developed by the Soviet aviation industry from the airframe of the Mig-23 fighter to make it more operationally effective, in both ground attack and close support roles. The aerodynamic layout was essentially that of the Mig-23 fighter but with a different nose configuration.

The decal sheet, aircraft stencils and IP dials are included.
The colour choices in Czech Soviet & the Defensa Anti-Aérea y Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria (Cuba) are shown by Italeri
To better meet the new role assigned to the aircraft, the onboard avionics were upgraded with new electronic countermeasure systems and radar equipment for detecting, acquiring and ‘painting’ ground targets.

The Sprues of the kit
The offensive armaments were further upgraded with the adoption of a new, more powerful 6-barrel 30 mm cannon than that of the Mig-23, and the option of carrying an offensive load up to 4,000kg, which included the new air-to-surface missiles.

Fiat 508 CM Coloniale with Crew
Kit No #6550
1/35th scale
Model Dim. 10.3cm
Fiat 508 “Balilla” is the most popular car produced in Italy in the thirties. In June 1937, the new “Balilla” 508C, equipped with a 4 cylinders engine of 1.100 cc., has been introduced on the car market. Furthermore, the new 508C has been used as a platform for the development of vehicles for military applications such as the Fiat 508 CM “Coloniale”. 

The decal sheet included in the kit.
The colour choices are shown by Italeri - Italian & a Luftwaffe example are included
Characterized by a 2-wheel drive traction, a length of 3.6 meters and the reliable 1.100cc 4 cylinders engine, capable of delivering 32 hp that allowed it to reach 90 Km / h, Fiat “Coloniale” was especially used for the mobility of officers and for HQ operations in North Africa.

The Sprues of the kit
Two figures are included for the kit
The masks provided for the clear parts of the kit
However, the overall strength of the vehicle, the bigger size of the tires, and the good mechanics reliability, had made Fiat “Coloniale” suitable for advanced reconnaissance duties in off-road terrain.

V-22A Osprey
Kit No #1463
1/72nd scale
Model Dim. 24,3 cm
The innovative Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey project was initiated during the 1980s, but only emerged into production and was deployed to various arms of the US armed forces, after enduring a long and complex developmental process that lasted for over twenty years.

The decal sheet included.
The colour choices are shown by Italeri
The Osprey is a tilt-rotor, equipped with two tilting engines which have large three-blade propellers attached that make it able to land and take off vertically like a helicopter and also possesses flight and transfer performance similar to that of a conventional propeller plane. Thanks to its two powerful 6,150 HP Rolls-Royce T406-AD-400 engines it can exceed 500 km / h in horizontal flight. 

The Sprues of the kit
The United States Marine Corps is the principal user of the aircraft, exploiting its tactical versatility and the transport capability of the V-22 in particular, for operational support during troop landings. The Osprey undertook its first operational missions in Iraq in 2008.