Friday, April 29

Preview: "Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 5. Refugees. March 2022" from Masterbox

The war that you see on television is only a part of the tragedy in Ukraine right now. Millions of civilians caught in the middle of the invasion have fled their homes & their country to get to safety. Masterbox has not forgotten these Ukrainians. Their latest set in design features four of these refugees in 35th scale...

Preview: "Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 5. Refugees. March 2022" from Masterbox

"Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 5. Refugees. March 2022"
From Masterbox
Kit No #35227
Two figure set
1/35th Scale
The crisis of the Invasion of Ukraine caused many to flee their homes and their country since the start of the Russian invasion. The unstable nature of the future of the country means that even more of these people will flee the country. The UNHCR now projects that some 8.3 million refugees will leave Ukraine. A sad sight to see so many people leaving everything behind to an uncertain fate.

Many men have been called up to fight, and some like this man is sending his children and dog to the transport to get them out of the country, to who knows where...

The CAD drawings show the detail afforded to these figures by the sculptors.
This series of kits is dedicated by MasterBox to all countries and to all people of Planet Earth who supported Ukraine in protection from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

There is no box art as of yet, and the set is not up on their website right now, but expect more news on this figure set very soon from Master Box.

For more info - check out Masterbox's website.