Thursday, May 19

Video Preview: ICM lands their new Gotha Go 242B Glider construction video

ICM plastic model kits new Gotha Go 242B WWII German Landing Glider in 48th scale is out to the shops as we speak. To help modellers & maybe to entice new adopters, a new video showing the whole construction process has been released. We look at it, the colours & markings of the kit in our preview...
Video Preview: ICM lands their new Gotha Go 242B Glider construction video

Video Preview: Gotha Go 242B WWII German Landing Glider
Kit No #48225
1/48th scale
214 pcs
Wingspan 513mm / Length 332 mm
Price: $80.79 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Subject: The Gotha Go 242B
During the Second World War, the Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G. Company was mainly engaged with the construction of aircraft designed by other aircraft manufacturing companies. The GO. 242 is one of few aircraft entirely designed and constructed by the Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G. Company during the above period.
It is a large mixed-cargo transport glider characterised by an original double tail boom structure. The GO. 242 glider, in its two best-known versions A-1 and B-1, that differed in the landing unit only, was towed off by the Junkers Ju.52/3m or by the Heinkel He. 111-Z, the latter being obtained by combining two He.111.
Both models GO. 242 and model GO. 244 were used on African, Russian and European fronts and in training schools.
The new kit from ICM
This Gotha Go 242B German transport glider model is a completely new mould kit! It's equipped with an MG15 machine gun, and decals for two versions are included. This kit is the B model with jettisonable nose gear. The Kid landing gear nose is planned for the future.
There are two markings included in this boxing.
Gotha Go 242 B 3R Luftwaffe 1943
Schleppgruppe 4 8-16 / 168
Gotha Go 242 B-2 3R 1942
The decal sheet supplied with the kit
Construction Video:
To coincide with this release ICM has done a very smart thing, and given us the video of the CAD parts of the kit is assembled. A really good idea to show the simplicity of the build,  and a feature we hope other model making companies can adopt...
This kit is out now in your local hobby shops

If you want to know more about this kit check out the ICM Models Website for more info as it comes along...